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8/22 Stephen M. Alarid, 37, Frisco, DUI; reckless driving; weaving.8/23 Scott Michael Ramsey, 24, Vail, FTA warrant-Vail; obstructing.8/23 Matthew E. Hernandez, 34, Vail, FTA warrant-Vail.8/23 Flugencio S. Garcia, 37, Vail, DUI; fail to drive in single lane; DUI per se.8/23 Edgar Olvera, 23, Vail, disorderly conduct; criminal injury to property; disturbing the peace.8/24 John P. Jennings, 23, Vail, assault and battery; possession less than 1 oz. cannabis.8/24 Hampton G. Williams, 23, Vail, assault and battery.8/24 Jesse R. Gunderson, 23, Golden, larceny.8/24 James Dunn, 28, Midville, UT, assault and battery.8/24 Michael E. Valler, 40, Kearns, VT, assault and battery.8/25 Juan Salazar, 21, Avon, drove vehicle under suspension; failed to stop at stop sign; FTA warrant-Garfield County.8/26 Stephen Michael Stanton, 32, FTA warrants-Vail, Eagle County Sheriff’s Office.Marriages8/19 Edwin Hoit Grant IV to Jennifer Jo Robertson, Scottsdale, AZ.8/19 Kevin S. Nelson to Kellie Gail Kingrey, Avon.8/19 Christopher John Wickstrom to Rebecca Jane Fowles, Eagle.8/19 Glenn Edward Lowe III to Liza Beth Repasky, Fort Collins, CO.8/20 Ray Andrew Nielsen to Erin Lee Bartholomew, Vail.8/20 Jimmy Lee Petrandis to Amy Kristine Cox, Tallahassee, FL.8/20 Michael Louis Brown to Laura Ann Krupa, Scottsdale, AZ.8/20 Philip Ray Slaughter to Alexa Daniele Fioroni, Oklahoma City, OK.8/21 Gregg Vanourek to Kristina Martha Svard, Fairfax, VA.8/21 Steven Jay Ackerman to Wendy Lynne Midgley, Santa Monica, CA.8/21 Brian Russell Ingoldsby to Tiffany Kara Hungerford, Vail.8/23 Robert Aaron McGuire to Theresa Kay Welte, Carbondale.8/23 Stephen A. Fanelli to Denise Martino, Westchester, PA.8/26 Ted S. Toothman to Kathie J. Gensor, Carrollton, OH.8/26 David Brian Cisarik to Rhonda Denise Dupree, Houston, TX.8/26 David Christian McDonald to Michele Louise Conway, Vail.8/27 Judson Adam Haims to Julie Karen Goldberg, Gypsum.8/27 Evan Reid Lichtenfels to Heather L. Swift, Denver.8/28 Nelson Daniel Perkins to Allison Virginia Stamper, Denver.8/29 Mark Andrew Anderson to Vickie Leah Sadler, Houston, TX.8/29 Brent William Hoffner to Juliette Marie Powel, Carbondale.8/30 Cameron Arthur Mathison to Vanessa Marie Arevalo, Santa Monica, CA.8/30 Colin Christopher Deford to Melissa Dawn Maier, Harrison, NY.8/30 Jimmy Cromwell Hamilton to Susan Jean Dannenberg, Scottsdale, AZ.8/30 Tod Lawrence Hatch to Carrie M. Ferguson, Gypsum.8/30 Bert James Robinson to Terry Lou Oakhem, Gypsum.8/30 Barry Keith Edwards to Debra Lynn Davis, Naperville, IL.8/30 Alan Gary Glazer to Cara Hardy, Los Angeles, CA.Building Permits8/19 Michael & Nancy Meyer, Cordillera Sub., single family, $1,252,000.8/19 Gerry Spector, Lake Creek Meadows, addition to existing home, $1,100,000.8/19 Vail Resorts, Red Sky Ranch, golf classroom and driving room shelter, $440,000.8/19 Lloyd Willits, Willits Family Homestead, living room addition on mobile home, $23,000.8/20 Kara Campitelli, Finlay-Stine Towers, R&R cabinets and appliances in kitchen; add gas line for range; add light, $15,000.8/21 Roger Behler, Creamery Ranch, single family, $850,000.8/21 David White, 1st & Main Building Condo., divide space for offices, $6,500.8/23 Paul & Laura Genelin, Eby Creek Mesa, basement finish, $15,000.8/28 Douglas Crichfield, Berry Creek Ranch Fil. #2, second floor addition, $40,000.8/29 Colorado Paradise LLC, convert garage into caretakers unit, $84,000.8/29 Warner Dev. Inc., Cordillera, single family, $1,014,586.8/29 Dallas Holliday, Eagle-Vail Fil. 2, repair drywall, $2,000.8/30 Eagle II Developers, Riverwalk, tenant finish for sweater shop Opal Bldg., $30,000.8/30 Morton Seaman, Enclave, interior remodel, $75,000.8/30 Vail Resorts Avon, Bachelor Gulch Village, remodel restrooms and lounge area, $40,000.Property TransfersShirley L. Lindeman to Kelli Anthony, Michael C. Skellion, 6/21, WD Unit 1B, Wren House, $122,500.Snow Cloud LLC to Max & Neva VanValkenburg, 6/21, WD Unit 616, Snow Cloud Condo., $1,895,300.Snow Cloud LLC to John E. & Alison J. Glander, 6/21, WD Unit 614, Snow Cloud Condo., $1,657,800.Snow Cloud LLC to Kelly A. Quinn 1995 Trust, 6/21, WD Unit 516, Snow Cloud Condo., $1,211,300.Aaron Feldman to Wolf Investments LLC, 6/21, WD Unit 15, Coldstream Condo., $765,000.Lot 6A VAP LLC to Dallas G. Holliday & Richard J. Granzow, 6/21, WD Unit 2D, Airpark Business Center, $210,000.Lot 6A VAP LLC to High Range Investments LLC, 6/21, WD Unit 2B, Airpark Business Center, $158,800.Kenneth G. & Hedy Gurrentz to Kenneth G. & Hedy Gurrentz, 6/21, WD Lot 9, Glen Lyon Sub., $0.Violet E. Nilson, TTEE, Frank J. & Kathryn K. Lefebvre to Jill E. & Clyde Vann Hilty, 6/21, WD Unit 3E, Chamonix Chalets, $200,000.

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