Recreation high priority for Egan |

Recreation high priority for Egan

Eagle Valley Enterprise

Bob Egan, 55 years old

– Resident of Eagle for 27 years

– Owns and operates a construction business;

– Family owns and operates Eagle Motor Works

– Served 12 years on Town Planning and Zoning Commission.

– Vice president of Eagle Valley Sports Riders

– Past volunteer with Boy Scouts, Little League.

– Most important issue: Growth, and its impacts, including traffic, pedestrian access, schools, police, keeping up with water service, sewer plant. “Within all of that, we have to keep property taxes affordable.

“We need a recreation master plan and motorcycles need to be a part of that plan.” The town has a recreation plan, but it is not comprehensive. Would like to see a more formal plan.

We need pedestrian access from Highway 6 to the north side of Interstate 70. The Highway 6 corridor is an issue. An interchange serving the Eagle County Airport will help with traffic issues. The town needs to develop a rapport with the railroad. Maybe we could get permission to landscape the property or an easement for a trail.

– Downtown redevelopment: I think we should give current businesses a tax incentive for improvements. Decisions would be made on a case-by-case basis. We need to boost current businesses. “We need to be real careful about what we allow in and how to do it. We need to support what is here now.”

– Big box development: “I’m not big fan of big box stores. I am a realist. Property tax alone can’t support growth. I’m real concerned about losing our small town appeal.”

Would not support large tax incentives to bring in a big box store. Would like to see an agreement with Gypsum and the surrounding community to share the impacts (and revenues).

– Open space management: Some management is better than none; sometimes we get too much bureaucracy. Open space management should tie into the recreation master plan. Would like to see open space plan updated to meet current needs.

The issue of motorized use of open space should be studied by citizens, with input for the Bureau of Land Management and the town. There should be one motorized access point.

Trail construction should always be a part of, and paid for, by new development. The planning commission and town board have worked on this for years. We need to continue the work.

– Growth policies: The master plan needs to be updated and adjusted. “Then we need to stick to it, adjust it and follow it.”

The concept of developing from the inside out has been a part of the plan all along. We need to enforce it and modify it only if there is a good reason.

Supports adequate public facilities policy. “Its a no-brainer. Residential growth is not going to support itself.”

– Why I’m a good candidate: “I have experience with development issues; and the ability to say “no’ when needed. After years of serving on the planning commission, I’m excited that decisions will have more meat for them. I have had some frustration when planning commission recommendations don’t get followed.”

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