Sarah & The Meanies returns to Avon to play Maya’s first FAC of the summer |

Sarah & The Meanies returns to Avon to play Maya’s first FAC of the summer

Caramie Schnell
Denver soul/pop/indie band Sarah & The Meanies performs for FAC at Maya at the Westin in Avon tonight. Frontwoman Sarah Angela is a Pacific Northwest transplant with a big voice.
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If you go ...

Who: Sarah & The Meanies.

Where: Maya, inside The Westin, Avon.

When; Today. Terrace opens at 4 p.m., live music goes from 6 to 9:15 p.m.

Cost: Free; $2 tacos and $5 drink specials.

More information: Visit for more on FAC. To learn about the band, visit

Maya’s FAC lineup

Friday: Sarah & The Meanies — Soul/pop/indie

June 27: Ark Life — chimney choir/indie rock

July 4: Gin Doctors — ‘90s cover band

July 11: Shel — country/bluegrass/pop

July 18: Dragondeer — blues/jam

July 25: Garden’s & Villas — indie rock

Aug. 1: Bees Trees — jam/roots soul

Aug. 8: Jen Korte & The Loss — alternative Americana

Aug. 15: Fierce Bad Rabbit — indie rock

Aug. 22: The Dirty Femmes — Violent Femmes cover band

Aug. 29: Rob Drabkin — singer/songwriter

Sarah Angela, frontwoman of Sarah & The Meanies, is used to getting shocked looks from people in the audience. The voice emanating from the 5-foot blonde is a lot bigger than people expect, it seems.

“I get a lot of surprised faces,” Angela said during a recent phone interview. “I’m about 5-foot and I have a voice that’s pretty huge. People get excited because we rock out pretty hard. They like that a big voice is coming out of small person.”

The band returns to Maya at The Westin in Avon Friday night for the first Friday afternoon club of the season. The group performed for FAC summer 2013, Angela said.

“It was super fun,” she said. “Everyone was dancing and out to have a good time. It’s so beautiful out there. It was an awesome experience.”

The Meanies just wrapped a recording session at The Blasting Room in Fort Colins, a studio is known for churning out hits from acts like Rise Against, The Gaslight Anthem, Lydia, The Flobots, Less Than Jake and more. The band’s new single “Down Deep Down” was produced by Jason Livermore and Bill Stevenson (Black Flag/The Descendants).

“That’s what our tour will be called as well,” said Angela, who calls the bands sound “soul rock with a little pop.”

Angela grew up in Olympia, Washington and moved to Portland, Oregon when she was 17. She’s been singing since she was “around 2 years old,” she said, but she started performing in Portland.

“I moved to Denver four years ago and I’m staying,” she said. “I like it here — it’s a real music mecca.”

She was a solo act until she moved to Colorado. Sarah & The Meanies formed in 2013.

At first, she wasn’t sold on the name and thought about changing it. But everytime she’d mention changing it to someone, they’d try and talk her out of it.

“People who didn’t even know me would say ‘No, no, I heard it once and never forgot it.’ Now it’s become a funny thing. We’re going to shoot some new photos and the band is going to be all bubble gum and bowties and I’ll be a gothic person in the photo. It’s not what we look like really, but it’ll be funny.”

The name is ironic, considering Angela has always been known to be a bubbly, fun person.

“It kind of works with my life story, too,” she said. “I’ve always been this friendly butterfly and everyone around me is grouchy, so Sarah & the Meanies works.”

The band recently performed at Austin’s SXSW, playing nine showcases in four days.

“It was wild,” she said. “In the middle of a gig, the manager would come up and say ‘you’re playing across the street in 20 minutes.’ It was exactly the experience we were hoping it would be. We networked and met so many bands. Now we’re playing shows in surrounding cities. It’s one of the coolest music events that can happen.”

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