Scanlan can get things done |

Scanlan can get things done

This letter is in support of Christine Scanlan who is running for a second term as our District 56 representative in the Colorado House.

I have known Christine for several years and was privileged to serve with her on the Summit County School Board. Christine is a highly qualified, common sense public servant. She is organized, knowledgeable and most importantly, a problem solver who knows how to work within the system to get things done. These are qualities that are essential for an effective legislator in the Colorado House.

District 56 faces many challenges, pine beetles, potential wildfires, transportation, affordable housing, to name a few. Resolving and dealing with these issues will require good ideas and the ability to work with the legislature in a bipartisan effort. Christine has the knowledge, temperament and skill to work effectively, and across the aisle, to accomplish realistic solutions for District 56.

Christine worked hard and served us well during her first term. She was a valuable member of the house education committee, worked with both state and federal agencies on the pine beetle problem and was instrumental in resolving the Dillon Dam Road conflict.

Christine is the best and most qualified candidate to represent us in the Colorado House, so I hope you will join me in re-electing her for a second term

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