School board designates 18.3 acres in Minturn’s Maloit Park for workforce housing |

School board designates 18.3 acres in Minturn’s Maloit Park for workforce housing

Developer and local planner Tom Braun will come back to the board with several options

Minturn's Maloit Park is a popular Nordic skiing area. Eagle County Schools is working with a developer to build workforce housing on 18.3 acres at the site.
Zach Mahone | Special to the Daily
What the resolution does
  • It defines in general terms a parcel of land approximately 18.3 acres in size. The precise area to be conveyed will be determined after Brynn Grey completes the project’s initial site design.
  • It deems the land to not be necessary to the functions and operations of the district and not needed in the foreseeable future for any educational purpose.
  • It authorizes the superintendent and chief operating officer to negotiate a contract for the purchase and sale of the property to a development partner.
  • It provides that any contract or agreement for the sale of the land will be presented to the BOE for review and approval.

Local school district officials don’t yet know how much workforce housing will be built in Minturn’s Maloit Park, but they know it’ll go on 18.3 acres.

The school board this week earmarked the 18.3 acres it owns for employee housing. Before anyone can build housing on it, the land had to be designated as surplus. That means the district has no plans to build a school on it, explained Dan Dougherty, the communications chief for Eagle County Schools.

“That’s the first of many steps,” Dougherty said.

Under Colorado law, the school district cannot be directly involved in the housing development business. That’s why, last April, the school board partnered with Brynn Grey, a Colorado-based real estate development firm.

Brynn Grey and local planner Tom Braun will come back to the school board with several options.

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“For our staff, this continues to open the next door to help solve the housing challenges we face as a district,” Dougherty said.

It’s not new territory for the school district, which entered into a similar deal with Habitat for Humanity Vail Valley to develop 12 townhouses on 2.3 acres in Gypsum between Red Hill Elementary School and Gypsum Creek Middle School.

Couple of years out

Workforce housing in Maloit Park is probably still years away, so don’t rent a moving truck just yet. The Maloit Park project will house school district employees as well as employees from local businesses.

The plan, for now, puts the housing where the community rummage sale used to be and the park next door.

The overall goal is to give as many teachers as possible the opportunity to live in a “gem” of a place like Maloit Park, said school board member Shelly Jarnot.

About Maloit Park

Maloit Park is 85 acres, most of which is relatively flat. Of that, 39.5 acres are zoned for recreation/open space. That includes the Cross Creek corridor, wetlands and riparian areas, and more steeply sloping terrain at the south end of the site.

Nearby are 46.8 acres zoned for mixed use. The workforce housing project will be located in that mixed-use area, where the community rummage sale used to be held and the park next door.

Maloit Park was annexed into Minturn in 2011. The annexation agreement between the town and the school district allows for up to 137 housing units.

Maloit Park is already a fairly busy place. It’s home to the Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy, Nordic skiing trails, hiking trails, open space, wetlands, and some current school district workforce housing.

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