School skids on fast track to disaster |

School skids on fast track to disaster

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail, Colorado CO

Everyone connected to the Stone Creek charter school is choosing their words carefully about the current predicament.

So it’s left to us to ask the obvious: How in the world does a tiny school rack up a whopping debt of $1.8 million so quickly?

Can you imagine the outcry if the comparatively giant public school district professed to be blindsided by a financial hole of that size?

Mistakes were made, indeed. But this is not a story of poor, visionary, but bumbling parents starting a school and everyone being against them from the get-go. This isn’t the town of Avon being mean with its lease for the school land, or the water district for tap fees, or creditors or banks for requiring payment for all the physical facilities that a school needs. It’s not the fault of educators who need to be paid for their services. Or the public school district for God knows what sins. Or the state for requiring it be repaid for all the students the school thought it would have but doesn’t.

Lesson No. 1 to pass on to children is personal accountability. The people who started and the people now running the school can take full credit, and full blame, for the state of the school today. Let’s be clear about that while we’re all busy ignoring the elephants.

However swimmingly we’re told that instruction in the classroom is going ” and good for that ” this school is in serious trouble. Not simply for racking up this massive debt in, what, six months? But where is the money? State money, donations. Where’s the accounting?

The situation does not call for careful words and shrugs about fuzzy financial control. It calls ” loudly ” for full investigation. By the state, certainly. And perhaps by the District Attorney’s Office.

” D.R.

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