Sheep rescued after 3 days stuck on Vail porch |

Sheep rescued after 3 days stuck on Vail porch

'If she doesn't get claimed, she has a great home'

A domestic sheep separated from its herd got itself stuck on a Vail porch for three days. Rescuers safely got the sheep off of the porch on Tuesday morning.
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A domestic sheep lost its herd and spent three days on the porch of a Vail home, but it is now safe thanks to the home’s property manager and workers with May Builders.

“I showed up to work today thinking I was doing plumbing,” said Gabriel Douglass, who helped remove the stranded sheep along with Ryan May, owner of May Builders.

Ryan May, right, and Gabriel Douglass, of May Builders, took two to three minutes to lasso the sheep and carry it down to a trailer.
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Mariella Moyer, the property manager at the new home on Davos Trail road in Vail, said the female sheep was stuck on the porch for three days and would see its reflection in the home’s windows and think it was with its herd. Moyer, along with other neighbors, notified authorities about the sheep, but it was ultimately up to Moyer to deal with the sheep.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” she said after the two- to three-minute rescue. “I’ve seen some crazy things, but I’ve never had to deal with a lost sheep.”

Moyer lives on a farm in Eagle, and May lives nearby and owns a pet sheep. If the lost sheep’s owner doesn’t come forward, then the animal will be in safe hands. Moyer is having it looked at by a vet and taking care of it for the time being.

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“If she doesn’t get claimed, she has a great home,” she said.

The sheep was transported to a farm in Eagle, where it will be tended to by a vet and given food and water. If the sheep’s owner doesn’t claim it, then it will stay with its rescuers.
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May and Douglass left a construction site Tuesday morning to join Moyer in Vail. The sheep was stuck in a corner of the porch, scared to come out.

“I just don’t want her to starve or get hurt,” May said.

Neighbor Pete Thompson was there Tuesday morning watching from the street.

“They were so gentle in the way they rescued it,” he said. “It was wonderful.”

After three days stuck on a porch in Vail, this sheep was rescued.
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As May and Douglass pulled into Home Depot in Avon on their way back to the construction site Tuesday, they saw two more sheep wandering near Interstate 70.

“Are you kidding me? Two more sheep?” he said while chasing them around Avon. Those two sheep were last seen heading north of Interstate 70.

After rescuing the sheep in Vail on Tuesday morning, Ryan May and Gabriel Douglass stopped at Home Depot in Avon, where they saw two more sheep roaming near Interstate 70.
Chris Dillmann |

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