Sick kids at Vail Mountain School prompt e-mail |

Sick kids at Vail Mountain School prompt e-mail

Sarah Mausolf
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado – An unusually high number of kids out sick from Vail Mountain School prompted school officials to send an e-mail to parents about it on Thursday.

Forty-two of the school’s 362 students either stayed home sick from school on Thursday or were sent home by the school nurse, school Director of Communications Emily Tamberino said. None of the kids have confirmed cases of flu, she said.

The students – who are in kindergarten through 12th grade – were at home with flu-like symptoms including low-grade fevers, sore throats and stomach aches, the e-mail to parents said.

The country’s heightened awareness about swine flu prompted Tamberino to send the e-mail, she said.

“We’re just trying to be very proactive, with the heightened awareness of the general flu and H1N1 virus,” Tamberino said. “We promised our parents and our community from the very beginning that we would be proactive with our communications with them regarding health issues.”

Nearly 12 percent of students at the East Vail school were sick on Thursday. That’s an unusually high number for so early in the fall, Tamberino said.

“Forty-two kids out of 360, in February when the flu is going around wouldn’t have alarmed us, but of course we’re just taking more precautionary measures because of the heightened awareness nationwide.”

Tamberino urges parents to keep their children home if the kids have flu-like symptoms.

To prevent the flu, the school has been taking a number of precautions, Tamberino said. A cleaning crew disinfects the school each night, she said. Plus, teachers have been armed with a disinfecting spray for cleaning their classrooms and hand-sanitizing dispensers are stationed throughout the school, she said.

At the Eagle County School District, schools have not reported an unusually high number of students out sick as of Friday, Director of Communications Brooke Skjonsby said. A tally of sick students the school conducts each Friday will reveal today how many students were out sick this week, she said.

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