Signs aren’t right on Vail Pass |

Signs aren’t right on Vail Pass

Murray V. Heminger Jr.
Avon, CO Colorado

For the last couple of months, as a Colorado Mountain Express driver, I noticed that the two green signs “Vail Pass Summit” with the elevation were incorrect. The eastbound green sign located at the summit of Vail Pass says 10,622 feet elevation (the lower road side) and the westbound green sign (the higher road side) says 10,603 feet elevation. They should be just the opposite.

I called Colorado Department of Transportation more than two weeks ago and told them about it, but as of Jan. 26, they are still not corrected. Someone obviously didn’t know what they were doing when they installed the signs.

Seems funny to me that no one else noticed this and reported it. I waited for a couple of months before I reported it just to see if anyone else would see and correct the error. Nope, no one.

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