Some in Vail Valley switch to scooters |

Some in Vail Valley switch to scooters

Preston Utley/Vail DailyMore and more people using scooters because of the high gas prices. Robin Behrstock rides her Honda Metropolitan to work a few days per week.

BEAVER CREEK, Colorado ” Robin Behrstock ticked off the reasons why she loves her scooter.

The fresh breeze. The cool helmet. The easy parking. And the low gas bill ” especially in these days of high gas prices.

“I think everybody should have a scooter,” Behrstock said.

The Edwards resident rides her red-and-white Honda Metropolitan to her job in Beaver Creek about three or four times a week, from May through October. (The scooter stays in storage during the winter.)

She’ll even take it out to bars in Edwards, riding tandem with a friend.

While motor scooters might seem most ideal for a warm-weather European city, they work well in the summer in the Vail Valley, Behrstock said, adding that she is seeing more and more here.

“I think they’re kind of coming back,” she said.

Behrstock is organizing a “Scooterfest” for fellow scooter-lovers next Friday, with a group ride from Avon to Wolcott.

Brook Portman, of Edwards, is planning on attending the rally with her cream-colored Genuine Buddy 125. Portman bugged her husband for years for a scooter, and he finally caved last Christmas. She has been riding her scooter from her home in Edwards to her job in Eagle-Vail since the spring.

“It’s my favorite thing,” she said. “It really is. I’m such a dork about it.”

While it’s not interstate-legal, Portman said, it can go 55 mph ” plenty fast to keep up with traffic on Highway 6.

“You’re outside getting fresh air,” Portman said. “Normally you have a mundane commute.”

Jennifer Mason of West Vail has had her Yamaha Vino for about five years, riding it to work at the Ford Amphitheater, to the grocery store and to the Farmer’s Market.

“I ride it as much as possible,” she said. “It goes along with the whole Bavarian, European Vail Village.”

Despite all the great things about scooters, Behrstock said, they have at least one downside.

“Sometimes you get bugs in your face,” she said.

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