Songs that stand alone to be sung in Vail Valley |

Songs that stand alone to be sung in Vail Valley

Caramie Schnell
Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the Vail Daily/Art HeffronVail Valley Music: Denver singer/songwriter Josh Queen and fellow musician Dave Wright make up the duo The Jealous Kind. Their valley debut is tonight at Loaded Joe's in Avon.

VAIL, Colorado –Unless a songwriter’s lived a particularly messy life, their own drama can only take them so far. At some point, the well runs dry and they turn to the equivalent of writing first-person fiction.

“At some point you run through your life experiences so to speak,” said Denver singer/songwriter Josh Queen. “It’s kind of liberating when you realize there’s a whole wide world of other people’s experiences. I try to put myself in their shoes and write from that standpoint, writing what they might have felt.”

Queen knows he’s succeeded when people ask if something he sang about actually happened to him.

“When you can convey the emotion of a situation that didn’t happen to you, that’s when you know you’ve gotten it right,” he said.

Queen and friend and fellow musician Dave Wright make up the musical duo The Jealous Kind. They’ll perform at Loaded Joe’s in Avon Friday night.

The two met eight years ago when they were each touring with their own projects. They quickly realized they shared a love for ’90s bands like Toad the Wet Sprocket and Counting Crows and the two remained friends over the years. Even though they’ve never lived in the same state (Wright lives in Tennessee), they kept in touch and about a year ago they began writing songs together.

They’d text each other song ideas and then would e-mail MP3 files and lyrics back and forth. Six months ago they teamed up with Nashville producer Stephen Leiweke and brought some of the songs to life.

On Thursday night they debuted songs from their new self-titled EP at The Walnut Room in Denver. Though Queen’s lived in Denver for four years, Friday night’s Avon show is his first time playing “the I-70 corridor,” he said.

Up until recently, Queen was used to writing alone. Though it’s challenging to incorporate another person’s style or thoughts into a song, it’s also rewarding, he said.

“It’s taught me to step back and do everything for the benefit of the song,” he said. “Our songs are stronger because of that. And it’s also kind of cool to have something sound differently than you might have written it.”

Most of the songs were inspired by relationships, and not only those of the love variety.

“It’s more about how people interact with each other. Themes of mistakes, apologies, people understanding themselves and how they mess up and how they cope with messing up,” Queen said.

At Friday night’s show, Wright and Queen will perform all original songs and maybe a few cover songs.

“People can expect a sound that’s familiar, but new,” Queen said. “It’s a throwback to the ’70s- and ’90s-era bands that focused on harmony, vocals and lyrics. At the end of the day, it’s all about the song. You take the pretenses out, the graphic artwork and the wardrobe and all of it, and the songs have to stand by themselves – everything else is secondary.”

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