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Support jazz radio

Howard Stone Chair
Mia Vlaar Executive Director
Vail Jazz Foundation
Vail, CO Colorado

The Vail community has an opportunity to embrace and support a unique cultural offering that will enrich our airwaves ” one that’s eleven years in the making. KUVO Denver Educational Broadcasting (Jazz 89 FM) is submitting an application for a grant to construct a Non-Commercial/Educational (NCE) public radio station in Vail.

This grant is offered by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration/Public Telecommunications Facilities Program (NTIA/PTFP).

Since 1985, Denver-based KUVO has provided a rare blend of jazz, Latin jazz and blues, along with NPR news, special features and 15 locally produced, host-inspired, culturally diverse programs to millions of listeners in Denver and beyond. KUVO’s intent is to bring this culturally diverse, educational programming to Vail. KUVO’s mission is to provide programming to strengthen neighborhoods and community identity, and provide varied music, information and viewpoints to the airwaves.

We urge everyone in the Vail Valley who cares about diverse music, cultural and educational radio programming to write a letter of support for a translator station for KUVO ” Denver’s jazz station, here in Vail. The Vail Jazz Foundation is collecting and submitting letters on behalf of KUVO, with a deadline of February 13, 2008.

Contact Mia Vlaar at the Vail Jazz Foundation this week to provide your letter of support. Thank you!

Box 3035

Vail CO 81658-3035


970.477.0866 fax

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