The Club throws a party like it’s 1999 |

The Club throws a party like it’s 1999

Charlie Owen
AE Steve Meyer PU 4-16

VAIL – In memory of Vail 1999, long time slope side entertainer Steve Meyer (The Good Times Man) and former Vail resident and acoustic crooner Scott Munns reunite for a week of apres ski shows at The Club. These two men could be called legends on the Vail club circuit. Together they have entertained thousands of revelers, from locals to tourists, and they have made a living doing it. Anyone who visited Vail and spent time at the Club in the late ’90s probably remembers just how outrageous the party could get with these two performers at the helm. Meyer has been playing locally since 1986, while Munns has close to a decade of experience doing the same.I had a chance to talk with Meyer and Munns before their shows this week and ask them a few questions about life as a ski resort musician, what happens when the snow is all gone, and what’s in store for their future careers. Here is what they had to say:How long have you been away from Vail?Munns: I’ve been away from Vail since 2002, I haven’t played here since 2005 though.

How long did you live here and what have you been up to since you moved from Vail?Munns: I lived here for seven years then moved to Charlotte, N.C., where I opened the Buckhead Saloon.What has been the highlight of playing in Vail since you started doing it?Meyer: You just get to meet so many great people, and they all become your friends. I’ve got friends from Indiana to California to Scotland.Munns, when did you and Meyer start playing together?

Munns: Back in the day, from 1996 to 2002, all winter long.Meyer, how did you get the nick-name “The Good Times Man”?Meyer: You know, just trying to come up with something new back in the late ’80s, people have slogans, people at the time were calling themselves the best this or the greatest that, I was just trying to think of something original.What are your biggest musical influences?Munns: James Taylor, the Eagles, the Grateful Dead, and the Black Crowes.

What can people expect when they come to one of your shows?Munns: Rowdy, drunken behavior. It’s a good time, it’s a fun time, it’s an escape.If you could have any other dream job, what would it be?Meyer: If I could have figured that out I would have gone for it already. I do pretty well at The Club, I give it 100 percent when I’m up there and if I had to do it year round I would have burnt out already.

Where does the off-season take you?Meyer: I’ve been in Hawaii since 1993.What is it about Vail that makes you keep coming back?Meyer: It’s just the people here, the people in Aspen are all really phony. There’s a lot of money here but people are really down to earth. Everybody is kind of like a family.What’s on the horizon for you musically?Munns: I see myself putting out two to three more albums and opening two to three more bars, and I want my last bar to be on a beach with three walls, and the fourth wall will be the ocean.

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