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Time Machine: 40 years ago, rocks roll into houses in East Vail

An East Vail resident and her dog inspect a boulder that crashed into their building.
Vail Daily archive/Vail Trail

10 years ago

May 9, 2013

The Colorado State Land Board, U.S. Forest Service, Upper Eagle Regional Water Authority and Eagle County announced the closing on the Eagle Valley Land Exchange, which included six properties.

The exchange created 1,560 acres of open space in Avon and Edwards, including 86 acres of the Avon Village Parcel, 168 acres in Cordillera, 640 acres north of Berry Creek, 183 acres on the Eagle’s Nest Wilderness boundary, and five acres on Beard Creek. The deal also included the 478-acre West Avon Parcel, allowing for the creation of the West Avon Preserve trails area.

The Eagle County Open Space Fund provided the majority of the funding — $5.3 million — toward the acquisition of the properties. The town of Avon contributed $1 million and additional funds were provided by the Forest Service, the water authority and the water and sanitation district to complete the transaction.

May 14, 2013

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A new race series in Vail, the Vail Kayak Race Series, kicked off on Gore Creek. The event contained a speed race between the Covered Bridge and the International Bridge, with more than 40 people competing in a new weekly competition set to take place on Tuesdays in May in advance of the Mountain Games whitewater competitions at the same Gore Creek venue.

“The series was the brainchild of Bobby Bank, a member of the Vail Commission on Special Events, which provides seed money for events big and small in Vail,” the Vail Daily reported.

30 years ago

May 14, 1993

The snowpack in Eagle County was slow to melt in April, the Vail Trail reported.

“Measurements taken by the Soil Conservation Service on April 30 showed 68 inches of snow on Vail Pass, which is 124 percent of the 30-year average, the Vail Trail reported. “Last year at the same time there were 45.3 inches.”

40 years ago

May 7, 1983

Several houses were damaged by rocks that rolled hundreds of feet into the Booth Falls residential area.

The Vail Trail reported that five units in three buildings on Katsos Ranch Road and Booth Falls Court were hit by the falling rocks. No one was injured.

“Though falling rocks are nothing new in the Booth Falls area and many other spots around town, it was the first instance that people could remember of them hitting and damaging houses,” the Trail reported.

50 years ago

May 12-13, 1973

The Third Annual Spring Clean-Up and Beautification Program took place on the streams and roadways of Vail, with 80 volunteers cleaning up an estimated 1,000 cubic yards of trash.

“On the humorous side, some rather curious treasures were found during this year’s clean-up,” the Vail Trail reported. “Reported and found during Saturday’s clean-up were: one $10 bill, one $5 bill, two $1 bills, an assortment of change, two lids of marijuana — one complete with papers, large quantity of garbage bags presumably left behind during last year’s clean-up, three locked gas caps, two ‘no parking’ signs complete with posts, an assortment of ladies’ lingerie, and some dirty diapers. Bill Wilto and his clean-up crew took a quiet survey of popular discarded items with Coors beer cans leading, Budweiser taking a close second, and Olympia ranking a lagging third.”

60 years ago

May 9, 1963

The town of Eagle was forced to restrict the use of water due to abnormally low water pressure.

Residents on the west side of town were allowed to use water all day Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday until noon; while users on east side of town were allowed to use water all day Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday starting at noon.

“In case the fire siren blows, turn off all water,” the Eagle Valley Enterprise warned residents.

The Town of Eagle had erected a new water tank on Brush Creek during the previous fall, but had yet to receive easements so that the tank can be connected to the water main.

“The old tank is in such a state of dilapidation, that it has been necessary, this week, to bypass the tank and run the town’s water supply around the tank through the creek bed, into the main, in order to get any pressure at all,” the Eagle Valley Enterprise reported. “This trouble, coupled with the abnormally low snow fail this year, has presented, a serious problem. It is most fortunate that a major fire has not occurred during this period.”

This story was corrected to reflect that the Vail Kayak Race Series took place in 2013, not 2003 as originally reported.

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