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Time to stand up for community

Pepi Langegger

Pepi Langegger


We need memorial

I have just returned from a another funeral for a local lady that died an early death from cancer.

They are sending her body home to the mid-west to be buried. I don’t know if she wanted to be buried in Mid-west or if she had to because she could not be buried in Vail Valley.

I think that it is very sad if that was the case, but I am a realist and I don’t think we will have a cemetery in Vail for a long time, if ever.

It would take a very courageous move by local politicians to do that and I don’t see that courage displayed, even for the living (not to bring up local housing or a convention center).

The thought that we must do something has been in my mind for a long time now. I have that on my mind because I have been here 36 years and this is my home. It is where I would like to die. I would also like to be remembered as a part (small as it is) of this community.

The concept I propose is to create a “Vietnam Style Memorial” for old locals who wish the same.

It should be accepted in almost any central local because it would be a piece of art as well. Inscribed would be a name and a date encompassing the length of time a person lived and worked and/or retired in Vail. It needs to be in a central locale, for sure.

It’s a simple idea. It could be a great adventure to commission local architects and artists to compete for the winning design. It could be assisted financially by selling the positions up front. It would be like having your own plot.

I think true locals would see the value in having a memorial here.

The rest would be up to the politicians, the Town of Vail and Vail Resorts. In my opinion it would be fitting to replace the “stuff” in Seibert circle with this type of piece. It would certainly enhance the circle and benefit all those who knew and loved Pete.

This is certain. The lady who is going to Omaha should be recognized and remembered as a giver and builder of this community. She gave much more than she took and she was a very important part of the “spinal column” of Vail. Her name should be memorialized and remembered for time to come.

Anyone who might be interested in this idea can contact me at my office in Vail, 477-2153.

Robby Robinson

Great to read Butch

What a pleasant surprise to see Butch’s column in the Vail Daily. Interacting with Butch over many years in the business world, he always came through with a great deal of common sense, sensitivity and integrity.

It’s no surprise to see those same qualities in his commentaries. Please give my best to Butch.

Roger Halligan

Colorado Western Insurance Co.

Wish them well

Dean and Lois Joseph, founders and owners of Mudhead Gallery in Denver, announce that they have sold their interest in the Beaver Creek Mudhead to former partners Dick and Mary Cabela of Sidney, Neb. The Cabelas are now sole owners of the Mudhead Gallery in Beaver Creek.

Dean and Lois wish the Cabelas continued success and thank them for a wonderful relationship.

Dean and Lois Joseph


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