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Time to start documenting …

Daily Staff Report

Eagle Valley Music Co. – Vail Village1. “Documentary,” by The Game2. “Collision Course,” by Jay-Z and Linkin Park3. “American Idiot,” by Green Day4. “Good News for People who Love Bad News,” by Modest Mouse5. “How to Dismantle and Atomic Bomb,” by U26. “Encore,” by Eminem7. “With the Lights Out,” box set by Nirvana8. “Greatest Hits,” by Creed9. “Push the Button,” by Chemical Brothers10. “Hot Fuss,” by The Killers Mojo Music in Avon1. “Documentary,” by The Game2. “Red light district,” by Ludacris3. “Collison Course,” by Linkin park and Jay-Z4. “Loyal to the Game,” by Tupac5. “American Idiot,” by Green Day6. “How to Dismantle and Atomic Bomb,” by U27. “Ray,” the soundtrack8. “Rhythm and Gangsta,” by Snoop Dogg9. “Crunk Juice,” by Lil Jon’10. “As My Road Curves,” by Flashbulb MemoriesVail Colorado

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