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Bright, merry Vail

I just wanted to comment on how nice the Town of Vail looks this season. There seem to be more lights on more trees in more locations, and whoever put it together did a really nice job. Anybody down valley who hasn’t been in town to see it should really drive to Vail and see all the lights.

Dangerous corner

I’m calling about the tip about running the lights at the exit ramp westbound in Edwards. The reason people are running the light is because the light only lets about four or five cars through, and there’s about 30 cars piled off the exit ramp trying to get off the interstate, and that’s where the danger is. People are just trying to get out of the way of 75 or 85 mph cars coming off of I-70 right there.

Grinch speaks up

I watched a special last night on HDTV about decorating the White House for Christmas and it made me realize millions of taxpayer dollars are being spent to decorate not only the White House, but how about the town of Vail, how about the town of Avon, town of Eagle, town of Gypsum. How much money could our government save if they weren’t spending it on Xmas lights? Just wondering. Maybe we should vote on that.

Smoker’s revenge

To the wonderful lady that thinks Bob’s no smoking night is such a great thing. If she’s such a big health nut, what is she doing in a bar anyway?

True patriots

I’m commenting on “rather not hear it” how somebody complained about Marty Lich and Terry Quinn. Well, Marty Lich’s last letter about the biased media was one of the best letters ever. I love Marty Lich’s letters, I love Terry Quinn’s letters, and anybody else who likes to keep our worthless government in check. All their letters and all kinds of other articles, when I get my hands on them, they go right to Tom Tancredo, our congressman, one of the few people in the U.S. that wants to make our country a better country. We need to enforce our laws, because listen pal, how many crimes have been committed by undocumented workers? How much money has escaped us from undocumented workers, and why are we still making $10 an hour, or $8 an hour. It’s because of undocumented workers that don’t care about us or our community. They would like to be an American citizen, they can go through the proper channels. That’s the right way to do it, like my grandfather did, and he loved being an American citizen.

Fix the lights

This is Greg in Homestead with a follow-up to the Tipsline regarding the traffic light in Edwards. I agree it’s a dangerous situation that should be looked into, and while they’re at it, could they please fix all the lights in Edwards? When you get a green light coming off the interstate the light at Miller Ranch road automatically turns red, even if no cars are waiting there. The main four-way light is completely retarded, giving green turn arrows when there’s no one waiting to turn and 5- to 10-second delays with no lanes having a green light and no pedestrians anywhere in sight. In this age of technology, I don’t see any reason they can’t operate efficiently, and while we’re at it, they can all switch to blink mode at night at least an hour earlier, if not two.

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