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Not my valuesThis is regarding John Kerry and the Democratic convention. I find it interesting that John Kerry now is running on his Vietnam war veteran, three-time Purple Heart recipient campaign. But what a lot of people don’t know is that Mr. Kerry, when you came back from Vietnam, you spoke with Congress and the media, and you talked about all your servicemen raping and pillaging small villages and killing women and children and how brutal they were. Then you either threw your medals or ribbons over a wall. You were very ashamed of your service, you protested adamantly, and now you’re running on what a great service person you were. Which is it, Mr. Kerry? Which is it? Mr. Edwards and Mr. Kerry both voted against the Laci Peterson Law, and that’s despicable on family values, and then they get Whoopi Goldberg up there on stage and yucked it up with Whoopi’s trampish behavior and arrest. Never really denounced that behavior, either. Mr. Kerry, my family values are far from yours. Nice diversionI just want to say that I’m pretty stoked on the flag and the flagpole. All the ding dongs spending all their time calling in about that instead of aggressive driving through Dowd Junction.Way to go, Lance!I’m calling to say God bless Lance Armstrong. Congratulations, kiddo, what a wonderful feat. Six Tour du Frances in a row? Wow. That’s impressive. You inspire the rest of us. God bless you kiddo, enjoy it, have a glass of champagne, lay back and let’s go for seven.An insult?Thank you Matt Zalaznick for your column. It makes the mainstream look good. Thank you very much.CleverIn regards to the new liquor store in Edwards, haven’t you heard? Vail is a drinking town with a skiing problem.Got it backwardThis is Christopher Walken and I’m calling about the ubiquitous Vail roundabouts. It seems that at every exit there is a roundabout in which I need to drive my expensive vehicle through. You people are in the dark ages, apparently. Every major city in the United States has an intersection with traffic lights and stop signs and on occasion a policeman. I think it would be a fair use of your taxpayers’ money to bring people about, to enlighten people, per se. It’s very dangerous to drive my expensive vehicle, my Mercedes through your roundabouts, and snowboarders and skateboarders that drive the same vehicles through the same lanes that I do. There’s no place to walk your dog around the roundabout, and frankly I’ve had enough. Just for a point of conversation, my uncle was actually the inventor of the stop light, and he’s a Colorado native, having lived here for two years. Too muchA man who is part owner of (a liquor store) is concerned about the message that having four liquor stores in this part of the county is going to send to people? That’s priceless.What’s that noise?Call the cops. Does anyone in West Vail know what the ear-splitting, middle-of-the-night explosions are? We hope no one is shooting at mama bear and her cubs. If you know, call Tipsline. Get over itI read with amusement your article about the proposed liquor store opening up in Edwards. It is just awesome we have the owners of (other liquor stores) looking out for our children. I’m sure that they are not just looking out for their own self interests when they say, “It’s not about increased competition.” After reading your article, I suggest these other store owners are not just only selfish liars, but they must think we the public are idiots. I didn’t see any of the three new ice cream shops that opened this summer in Edwards bring attorneys to meetings to try and stop their openings. I think there are five or six delis all within walking distance of each other. I suggest that if these liquor store owners are so concerned about the increased competition and the message it sends to the public, then do everyone a favor and shut down. This is America. Competition is good, even though you may have to give better service, and prices.Calling them outTom McCalden may be a registered Republican, but he’s a rhino Republican, Republican In Name Only. His letter to the editor stating that he will not support George W. Bush is laughable. It’s kind of like Don Cohen, another registered Republican. You can count on him not supporting George W. Bush, either. By the way, I’m not supporting George W. Bush, but I’m sure as heck not going to vote for a Democrat. This is Michael Cacioppo.AfraidI’m calling about the people fighting the liquor store in Edwards and I’m just curious as to what kind of message we’re sending our kids here that we should have “Wine on Wednesdays” …? That’s not sending a good message to our children that on Wednesdays we should have wine. That’s really not good for our kids, and then the … ad, wine and beer on sale. What kind of message is that sending to our kids that you should be able to buy stuff on sale? It sends a very bad message to our kids. I think these people who own these … liquor stores are unbelievably critical and they look like jackasses. They’re just afraid of the competition.GOPer against BushThis is a thank you to that registered Republican that wrote in to the editorial and I’m glad to see that there’s somebody with their eyes open enough to see that the Bush administration’s actions are not in the best interest of our country. Thank you for voting for someone else.Enough of that guyI think we’re all tired of Kobe Bryant and that case making the headlines. We’re in the midst of the Democratic National Convention, and there are things bigger than this case that need to be reported on. Please confine any Kobe Bryant articles to the inside paper, something very small. We’re all tired of hearing about it. You have a duty to report it, I understand, but we don’t need to have it in our face every day. Please find something newsworthy to put on the front page. Liar, liar”As president, I will restore trust and credibility to the White House.” Sen. John Kerry, in accepting the Democratic nomination for president. Sounds pretty darn good except for that pesky detail of infamous “Kerry about-faces.” How can one have trust and credibility when one is a repeatedly proven liar? Or is that the True Democrat Way, as evidenced by Clinton? H.M.

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