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I’m calling about the 23-year-old Kansas man who was injured in the terrain park. I just read another tip saying that there needs to be uniformed park rangers.

I totally agree. There are too many people getting hurt. There are too many situations where parents bring their kids in and are cutting across the landings, cutting people off, don’t have park etiquette.

I think it’s time for Vail to seriously step up and make it even safer. It’s almost dangerous for those locals who ride in the park daily because all of the others that come through don’t know park etiquette, don’t know what they’re doing, where they’re going.

I think it’s time for Vail definitely to step up and put a safety ranger in the park, if you will.

Language barriers

I just read a Tipsline in the Wednesday, Feb. 5, paper regarding the language barrier, and although I do agree with this person that it is frustrating to go to the Wal-Mart and The Home Depot and having customer service with people who do not speak English, why do you have to say all of the Anglo people are frustrated when it is more than just the Anglo people in the valley?

There are other races in the valley who do speak English who were born here and who are not of European descent, so to say that I think that’s horrible.

When it comes to getting problems with the Hispanic people, there are quite a few Hispanics in the valley that do speak English who were born here. So to categorize people like that I think is awful,as well. There have been many stores I’ve been to where the language barrier is not just where it is Mexican or Hispanic people.

I’ve also come across bad customer service with Russian people who again are of Anglo descent.

Don’t want it

Once again I say government is where it shouldn’t be. Why is Eagle County thinking about footing the bill for a recreation center that not everybody in Eagle County will utilize. Why not give us some sidewalks that we can all walk on, or ride our bikes, or push our baby carriages, make our neighborhoods safer. Many of us already belong to private health clubs, many of us have home gyms, we don’t want to pay higher taxes to foot the bill for a recreation center that we will never use. Government is supposed to pay for necessities. A recreation center is not a necessity. Private entities should foot the bill.

Dangerous indeed

This is in regard to the tip of Feb. 5 regarding “dangerous ground.” My husband and I wholeheartedly agree with that statement. We do believe that Vail Resorts is offering very dangerous terrain over there at the snowboard park. Those jumps were built for the professional competition and then they were left open for amateurs, beginners, whoever felt like going down and of course somebody was going to be hurt seriously.

We happened to witness that accident. The young man was not attempting any tricks whatsoever. It’s like the old saying from the movie, “If you build it, they will come.” Vail does have to take some major responsibility, I think the idea of having a uniformed attendant of some kind to police, patrol, advise, help is an excellent idea. Wake up, Vail.

Why bother?

I’d just like to comment on the fellow who told Wal-Mart and Home Depot that they should teach their employees English or make them take English classes. What’s up with that? No one in Eagle County speaks English anyway, so why bother?

Our freebies

My name is Pamela and I’m calling in regards to the article in Feb. 8’s Tipsline about the immigrants coming up here and getting everything, all the benefits that the U.S. people can’t somehow seem to qualify for, but all the Mexicans that come up somehow seem to get WIC for their children, Medicaid, schooling, and anything else you can find that’s free for them to have while us people here in the United States suffer and try and make ends meet. I used to do taxes before. So I’m familiar with the tax laws and stuff and how many Mexicans come up here and work. When they go to fill out their taxes they of course claim their grandparents, aunts, uncles, sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews. The government allows them to do this and for each person they are given an exemption. In the past I think it used to be $2,800, I know this year for a fact that it’s $3,000, so these people are coming up here receiving $3,000 for each person that’s in Mexico and walking out with $4,000 or $5,000 tax refunds. When they didn’t receive that much, they always seemed to get upset and say we weren’t doing their taxes right. I really want to know who is the U.S. government for? Is it for the Mexicans that are coming up illegally and working and taking our jobs and our benefits, or is it for the United States people who sit here and pay taxes and then we have nothing? Colorado State Senate ought to take a good look at this because Colorado is hurting right now and they give whatever they can to whoever they can.

The key question

I live in West Vail and I notice that this is the second time I’ve seen a snowboarder inured in the terrain park article and it doesn’t see even what kind of trick he was trying to do, don’t you think that might be newsworthy? I mean some people might be curious.

Trashing Minturn

While I was traveling through Minturn the other day I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful new fire station and the piles of trash to the side of the fire station, loaded with cardboard and paper flying about. Then I traveled through there again a few days later. Had anyone noticed that all of this debris was blowing throughout the streets of Minturn? While this was happening, does anyone know where the police chief was, or the town planner, making their $40,000 a year. And were any summons issued to the contractor? They’re both good questions. Is there any accountability in that town?

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