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BewareI just wanted to pass this on. I guess there’s a big time scam going on involving fake money orders and prepaying of rent, and what happens is you get contacted by someone, usually from England, and they want to rent your place, like three or four months, and they overpay you with these fake money orders and then they contact you back and say they had some sort of family emergency and they need you to send them some of the money back. So you cash these fake money orders and send them back money, so you’re out the money. Usually some part of it involves Nigeria. So I just wanted to let everyone know that it’s going on out there. Someone just got burned for $2,500. Be careful.Training grudgeI sure would like to know just how much money the school district spent to send all their master and mentor teachers to South Carolina for a seminar about the TAP program. Seems like that money could be better spent in a lot of different ways, perhaps actually funding the program, which is projected to run short of funds within a few years. Another thing they could maybe do with that money that they wasted sending those teachers to South Carolina would be perhaps spending the money on having less staff members stuck at the bottom end of their brilliant bell curve. Or perhaps you could use that money to buy your disgruntled, over-worked and under-appreciated staff members margaritas weekly. Best idea though perhaps would be to use that money to buy a new evaluation program. One that keeps its employees happy, treats them like professionals. I think they need to come clean with how much money they spent on their trip to South Carolina this weekend.Just say noConcerning the Forest Service’s new proposal to eliminate many of the indicator species, it’s time that someone in that organization got some integrity and said no. The public servants who work on taxpayers dollars, it’s time someone said no in that organization and had a little integrity. Tough stuffThis is in regards to the Chad Kesler story. I’ve also struggled with an addiction with crack cocaine and I just wanted to offer my condolences to Chad Kesler’s parents.Flying laddersJust a friendly reminder to some construction crews that are out there. Friday, Nov. 11, about 5 I was headed eastbound on I-70 out of Avon. I was on the on ramp and a very large window washing ladder came flying off I-70 landing in front of my car, nearly hit me, caused me to spin out several times, almost rolled the car. Not to mention many people behind me almost slammed into each other. Very dangerous situation. Please, tie your ladders down and equipment in the back of your truck, because you almost killed a pregnant mother of two, and it’s not appreciated during rush hour. So please, tie down those ladders. Something wrongI read in the Rocky Mountain News where some gentlemen got caught in Wyoming with 100 pounds of pot in Cheyenne, and if he’s convicted he could get five years imprisonment and a $250 fine. But then I read somewhere else that if you’re caught on the computer with child pornography, you get probation first. Then maybe after the second or third time you’re convicted, you go to jail. So yeah, it’s sad that people go to prison for pot, but people who are sick and looking for children, they don’t go to prison? What’s wrong with that picture? I think it should be the other way around.Like an ice rinkIt’s 5:30. I’m in Vail on the South Frontage Road on a Monday night. A plow went by and didn’t spread any gravel or sand. The whole Frontage Road’s like an ice rink, people are sliding all over everywhere. Where is the gravel and sand? It’s ridiculous. It’s like a sheet of ice here. If they would just put some sand and gravel down, we wouldn’t have this problem. They’ve already got sand and gravel in front of my place on Metcalf Road, but what’s going on here? That’s just the way it is, I guess.Inconvenienced, too!I, too was inconvenienced when construction was going on at 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday in Eagle. It’s bad enough that traffic is so heavy during that time and to add construction on top of that without so much as a notice to the public is absurd. A school bus darted in front of me in the roundabout and actually drove up on the sidewalk around the roundabout to get through all the traffic which was at a dead stop. I would assume the kids on the bus were late for school that morning. I was also 20 minutes late to work. Not a good way to start off the day!Vail, Colorado

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