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Impeach W.W., W. W., What are you thinking? Or are you even capable of intelligent thought? Selling off our public lands, turning over our porch to your family’s friends. 2,285 American lives lost, and over 18,000 maimed for life. Billions and billions spent on a war we cannot win. More and more Iraqi citizens dying every day. Is Iraq really better off than it was four years ago? And all for oil and because Saddam tried to assassinate your daddy. How can we survive until you’re replaced? Please, please, someone start impeachment proceedings immediately.Pipe work neededThis tip is for the park and pipe crew. Could you please reshape the pipe? It needs it bad. Please.Slow down, please!To all the people that speed along 131, slow down. People are hitting deer in the broad daylight. Open your eyes and just slow down. There is no reason why this many deer are being hit. At nighttime it’s more understandable and it’s harder to see them. Sometimes they do just jump out in front of you. But during the day they are usually crossing slowly. If you were paying attention, you could stop in time. Move elsewhere so you can stay on I-70 and go as fast as you like.Vail, Colorado

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