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Vail CO, Colorado

Recycling dump

This is Bill McKeon. This is in regards to the recycling contract. I don’t know the particulars of waste management running the recycling contract for the county, but something needs to be at least tweaked if not reworked. Waste Management is doing a horrible job in the downvalley area at least.

Also, to the Colorado Department of Transportation. How about a little maintenance in the Park ‘n Ride parking lot by the Wolcott interchange? Thanks.

Editor’s note: The Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability runs the recycling drop-off points on the county.

Spelling debate

This is Robin Cunningham. I’m calling in reference to my Tipsline that made the paper referring to the windmill installation over in East Vail and in my Tipsline you misspelled anenometer as “anemometer.” It is actually spelled anenometer.

You guys really gotta work on your whole spelling and editing situation, because you’re not making yourself look any smarter.

Editor’s note: According to the American Heritage Dictionary, our spelling was correct.

Additionally, the structures installed in East Vail actually are windmills, not anemometers. Anemometers measure the speed of wind and the structures in East Vail do not do that.

No licenses

Joey Brooks. This goes out to Susan Meyer talking about ski license plates. Where have you been? Have you been watching too much comedy? Do you think we’re millionaires? Do you think that an extra dollar or two for a license plate is going to solve anything? What number was that again? I’m sorry, I just got hit. I can’t remember. What happened? That’s why I snowmobile, Susan. Because skiing is already too complex. If I ski better than you, then you have a problem with it, so therefore, you have a problem, Susan. Don’t ever take up snow skiing, because you might fall in love with it and find yourself skiing better than everybody else, and everybody else can take your ski pass away from you.

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