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Tubing down Gore Creek, 2nd Generation

Chris Klaschik
Vail CO, Colorado
Chris Klaschik/Special to the DailyChris Klaschik relives the glory days of tubing Gore Creek as a kid.

What was I thinking… When I was 10 yrs old living in beautiful Vail, CO my friends and I use to go to the local gas station and get an inner tube and go tubing down the Gore Creek.

For those of you that have never experienced tubing down a ragging mountain creek, well its a true adventure. To not prolong the agony any further I told my daughter what the wild mountain boys of Vail use to do and she wanted a slice of the extreme sport of tubing the Creek!

Since the gas station was no longer there we needed to go to the newly opened tire store in Gypsum, CO to purchase our extreme tire tubes.

There are plenty of rivers and creeks in Eagle Valley but the Gore is the best in my opinion. It starts from the Gore Range and flows down thru Vail and the village. So you get all the tourists cheering you on and for a brief moment you feel famous after all the cameras flashing.

Again, what was I thinking…I am not 10 yrs old anymore. Even though my brain thinks I am sometimes. We put in at East Vail and continued down thru the Vail Golf Coarse and into Vail. After an hour and a half rearranging the creek bed with my butt and picking up as many golf balls my pockets could hold we were 10 minutes from our pull out when a limb from an Aspen tree came out of no where and sliced my rear and into my $15.00 tube.

The next thing I heard was the sound “f f f f f f f f f f” and my adventure of re-living my childhood came to an end. Hearing my daughter ring out with laughter while passing me up was nothing but the best thing I could ever hear. Seeing the smile on her face and the fun she was having was priceless.

A trip that should of took 45 minutes ended up taking 2.5hrs, but it made my year! Anytime your up in this area please don’t look me up for a guided tour down the creek. I will be more than happy to give you tips and show you the spots but no more tubing for this old man.


Chris Klaschik

Eagle, Colorado

You can also send checks to Eagle Valley Humane Society at PO Box 57, Eagle CO 81631. Happy birthday, Buster.

To Sherri, Mark and Ross ” We are so happy you’re here, but where’s Jordyn? We love you ” Tata and Jojo and the Rats.

Molly Rose Goodman, of Edwards, and Ellicott Keller Dandy, of Vail, were named to the spring-term honor roll at Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts. Molly, a junior, and Ellicott, a sophomore, accomplished this feat by having averages of 87 or higher. Congratulations!

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