Two of county’s ‘most wanted’ caught |

Two of county’s ‘most wanted’ caught

J.K. Perry
Keith Cameron

EAGLE COUNTY ” Two men on the county’s most-wanted list who are suspects in numerous crimes including domestic assault, larceny and felony theft have been tracked down in Texas and California.

The two, both former Vail residents, are Lee Moon Kyo, 36, and Keith Cameron, 32, said Vail Detective Ryan Millbern, who pursued the men.

“It’s very nice to see both in custody,” Millbern said. “I’ve been hunting them for three or four months.”

Kyo, on the run for about a year, is a suspect in 37 crimes, including, allegedly, felony theft and more than 10 counts of domestic violence, Millbern said.

“It’s clear he’s got a major problem,” Millbern said. “He crosses the line routinely, not only with his wife but stealing things.”

Kyo was arrested by police in Austin, Texas on suspicion of identity theft. He will likely be extradited to Vail after those charges are resolved, Millbern said.

Cameron was arrested after doing motorcycle wheelies in Huntington, Calif., Millbern said.

Cameron, who Millbern said is “extremely violent,” is wanted on suspicion of multiple charges including, allegedly, domestic violence, assault, fraud, theft, larceny and other crimes.

Cameron, whom local authorities had been pursuing for two years, will be extradited to Colorado within a week, Millbern said.

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