Vail candidate profile: Kurz ready to give more to Vail |

Vail candidate profile: Kurz ready to give more to Vail

Lauren Glendenning
Vail, CO Colorado
NWS Ludwig Kurz DT 10-28-11

VAIL, Colorado – Ludwig Kurz came to Vail in 1966. The town looked nothing like it does today, and Kurz has enjoyed watching it evolve over the years.

Kurz, who has served on the Vail Town Council for eight years previously, with four years as mayor, said Vail has given him so much. He’s running for council again because he wants to pay Vail back.

“Serving on council is one of the things I can do (to give back),” Kurz said. “And because I believe I can be productive and instrumental in moving the town in the right direction.”

Making sure Vail remains on track will be a task for the upcoming council, especially with relation to the economy, Kurz said. The upcoming council will have to remain cautious about the economy and continue to budget conservatively, he said.

“I think (it’s important) to be ready, especially now with the economy in the flux that it seems to be in, to be ready to react quickly and decisively when things change either for the better or for the worst,” Kurz said. “And I continue to think we need to make sure we are recognized not only nationally, but internationally, as a really great resort opportunity for people to take advantage of.”

Kurz goes to Europe twice a year and skis there. He typically goes to Lech, Austria, the sister resort of Beaver Creek, and takes time to find out what they’re doing, he said. He’s looking at the operations from a ski industry perspective, and also with a sharp eye on the economy.

Kurz said it’s important to pay attention and to always remain ready to grow and change.

“The marketplace is constantly changing, not only because of the economy, but because of consumer wants and needs,” Kurz said.

With Vail’s upcoming 50th anniversary, Kurz said it will be important to not just focus on the past 50 years.

“I’m proud of the last 50 years, but let’s not forget about the future,” he said.

Kurz calls himself a level-headed leader. He wants to solve problems, not create them. He was on council when it created the Lionshead Redevelopment Master Plan, which in turn helped trigger the town’s major redevelopment renaissance, he said.

The redevelopment that occurred over the last several years was extremely positive, Kurz said. It “spruced up Vail in a pretty profound way,” he said.

And Kurz is talking about more than just the Four Seasons, Solaris, the Arrabelle and the Ritz-Carlton – he’s also proud of Donovan Park, the Gymnastics Center and the employee housing at Middle Creek.

Kurz has high hopes for the redevelopment of Timber Ridge. He was on council when the town decided to buy that property in order to preserve that land as affordable housing for many years. He hopes the current development proposal succeeds, otherwise Timber Ridge could be a town asset with the potential of becoming a big town liability, he said.

While there’s no one particular issue that motivated Kurz to run for council, there are number of issues that will come up in the next few years that he said he is “situated and qualified to deal with.”

And, he said, he’s an open book when it comes to his stance on any particular issue. He said he’s not afraid to express his opinion, as long as it’s done diplomatically.

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