Vail Daily letter: A doubter |

Vail Daily letter: A doubter

“Our president is a Christian. Christianity teaches that God judges and redeems nations, condemns and forgives them, and confounds sinful countries that assume their salvation.” This confounding statement was recently uttered by Jack Van Ens in his column Nov. 28.

We now have the modernday gospel that Barack Hussein Obama is a Christian, and a preacher at that. The man has admitted being raised and educated in the Muslim persuasion, yet he is now is a Christian.

How do we reconcile this pronouncement by a Christian minister (Van Ens) with the foreign policy and obeisance to Middle East sheiks by preacher Obama? If you have unswerving faith, you can. If you are rational, you can’t.

“Christianity teaches that God judges and redeems nations.” Does this mean that there is no difference between the governments (nations) of the world and the people that they purport to represent, control or care-take?

In the tradition of the Old Testament, does this Christian God judge and condemn the people for the indiscretions, misdeeds or malfeasance of their respective governments? Must the fate of the innocents be determined by the injustices of tyrants, pretenders and dictators?

Mr. Van Ens seemingly implies that God punishes and condemns the people of the nations because of the transgressions of their governments. I wonder, is this compassionate and fair, or is it unloving and cruel?

“What does Islam teach regarding the interaction of its God with the various nations, especially those predominantly of the Judeo/Christian tradition – the people which are commonly referred to as “infidels”? Is there enduring love and parity of rights between the Middle East nations of Islam and Israel or for that matter, the “Great Satan” (the United States)?

Mr. Van Ens avers that “our nation desperately needs to hear preacher Obama’s reminder of divine judgment, lest we blithely assume the U.S. needs scant correction.” Has preacher Obama ever expounded upon the avowed subjugation or extermination of the infidel? Has he preached or pontificated on the declared eradication of the nation of Israel by Muslims of the cloth? Obama’s silence in the matter is not only telling, but deafening.

Rev. Van Ens lauds and gives accolades to preacher Obama for traveling the world over to denigrate or disparage the “exceptualism” and imprint that the American people have made on the world stage.

He says, “Who taught President Obama this biblical, realistic way of assessing our national character?”

Well, to name a few of his teachers and mentors, we have the likes of Saul Alinsky, an avowed socialist-communist who advocated the destruction of everything American.

We have Professor William Ayers, the Weatherman terrorist, who also tutored and influenced preacher Obama.

We have Rev. Jeremiah Wright, a racist to say the least, who schooled Mr. Obama in his brand of Christianity.

We have the Harvard school of socialist law that exposed Obama to the “living” Constitution of the United States. He construes and spins that document to rationalize his social agenda.

Mr. Van Ens asserts that “we shouldn’t assume superior status based on God’s favor for our nation.” Does he really believe that this is the mindset of the average American or of the soldier who stands in harm’s way in some foreign war? Outrageous!

My take on all of this is that Rev. Van Ens should listen to and respect the voice of his congregation to whom he preaches rather than to the aspersions of preacher Obama.

Fredric Butler

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