Vail Daily letter: A time like this |

Vail Daily letter: A time like this

Kaley Hagerman
Vail, CO, Colorado

A tragedy like this rips our hearts wide open, leaving them bare, exposed, and in acute agony. Questions like “Why?!” cross everyone’s mind and pour from our lips, my own included. But I’m not here to address the why. There is nothing I can say that could explain or justify why such an exceptional man like Todd Walker was taken from us so abruptly and brutally.

What I can say, though, is this: During a time like this, I am proud to be from such a small community. During a time like this, I am proud to call the Vail Valley my home.

In less than a day, the support I have seen for the Walker family is remarkable. During a time like this, I am comforted to know that we were blessed enough to grow up in such a small community, where everyone comes together when we need each other most.

It doesn’t matter how many miles we have moved away or maybe even how far apart we have grown from one another. What does matter is that during a time like this, we are all able to come together to mourn, and to reminisce, and to support one another.

And most importantly, to support a family in our community who needs all the compassion, love, and prayers they can get. I can genuinely and powerfully declare that at a time like this I am so proud and thankful to be a part of the Vail Valley community.

Todd obviously touched hundreds, if not thousands, of lives during his too short a time here with us, and as a community I can see we are all heart-broken for what has happened.

But I am also encouraged to see that we will come together and celebrate his life. The influence he had on those around him, the amazing accomplishments he achieved, and the incredible man he had grown up to be.

A time like this is never easy, and whether we knew Todd for a year, a day, many years ago, or a whole life time, he obviously touched all of our lives in some meaningful way. I know he will be deeply missed, but I also know that he will be forever remembered and loved. Always.

And I know as a community, during a time like this (and forever after), we will make sure that happens.

Kaley Hagerman


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