Vail Daily letter: Counter-productive measure |

Vail Daily letter: Counter-productive measure

It appears the forces behind the “Kick the Bag habit” do not own any pets. As a dog owner, the plastic grocery bag is ideal for picking up dog poop while acquaintances of mine who are cat owners reach for their grocery bags when scooping out their cat litter boxes. Instead of the biodegradable grocery bags in use by many stores today, eliminating these bags will necessitate the purchase of “poop bags” which will actually increase the need for landfills. In my home, every plastic grocery bag not used to pick up dog waste becomes a waste basket or trash can liner. Also, my kitchen and bathroom both have holders in cabinets that are another use for the grocery bags eliminating the need for separate waste receptacles. In addition, these same “environmentally friendly” individuals who lobbied for the passage of the “Kick the Bag” legislation have either failed to read or conveniently ignores the rise in food-borne illnesses resulting from contaminated reusable grocery bags. The end result is starting Aug. 1, I will no longer purchase grocery products in the town of Vail.

Bill Bank

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