Vail Daily letter: For Alexander |

Vail Daily letter: For Alexander

Roger Sterling
Edwards, CO Colorado

Why I’m quitting Sara Fisher and the rest of the Eagle County commissioners:

Sara Fisher is a kind person who has over her term as Eagle County commissioner shown time and time again that she believes the primary purpose

of local government is charity. Her touted “experience” has only shown her slowness to react to the economic crisis. Instead of changing the giving philosophy promoted by her, Runyon and former Commissioner Menconi, and taking measures to maintain core responsibilities of a Colorado county government, she has gone out of her way to continue handouts instead of focusing on jobs for her constituents.

Millions of your tax money gathered on the former value of your homes was being spent uncontrollably even after the collapse of the financial markets to fund support networks. Instead, she should have encouraged the county to save for the bad times that were obviously ahead and, even better, aimed at promoting job stability and new labor opportunities. Affordable-housing programs, day-care support, open space and general charities are no longer the priority when 10 percent to 12 percent of your constituents do not have work.

Simply put, work-force housing cannot exist if there is no work force!

Sara Fisher only knew how to do her job when times were good and everyone had equity in their homes and cash in their pockets. Support networks made us and Sara feel good, but where was capital going to be generated? Not from redistribution of your taxes as she prefers. No, from opportunities for entrepreneurs to thrive.

Sara Fisher has an antiquated outlook on this valley entirely focused on tourism, an industry that essentially maintains only a feudalistic existence with the lords sitting in Broomfield and the peasants scraping by up here. No doubt our valley will continue to rely predominantly on a resort economy, but strides have to be taken to help other businesses take root, or we will all continue this roller-coaster ride together of boom and bust here in the mountains.

Time and time again, Fisher has shown that she believes she understands finance and economics better than actual professional bankers. Hence, when banks walked away, she helped cough up $4.5 million and deliver us the nightmare of Stratton Flats (an unsuccessful plan for housing underneath an airport runway). To this day, she continues to make judgments that show that she believes she knows better than finance professionals, i.e., denying the development opportunities for the new medical center in Edwards as well as contemplated new home sites – ideas that if unsustainable would have been denied business loans by people who can actually make economic evaluations.

I’m excited to pledge my support for Claudia Alexander for county commissioner. She has the attitude and leadership capabilities that will start digging us out of the hole that Fisher and her cohorts have put us in.

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