Vail Daily letter: Heuga change is wrong |

Vail Daily letter: Heuga change is wrong

Vail Daily
Vail, CO Colorado

I was here when Jimmie Heuga came to Vail to found the Jimmie Heuga Center. I watched him struggle even then to put the pieces together physically and financially. It is not right that they take his name away from it. He put every bit of himself that he could into getting this program started.

How many indignities must he suffer? He has endured much, but he has turned his trials into inspiration to countless others. It’s just not right to take his name from this. None of it would exist without his tireless efforts under extraordinary circumstances to achieve its formation. He physically can’t run it now, but for many years he gave it all his effort.

For a new board to change the name is unconscionable or worse.

“Can Do” is silly. It does not dignify the program with the real and driven person behind its formation – our friend Jimmie Heuga. This hurts him deeply, I am sure. Friends, let’s rally behind him and let him know that we admire and support him. His name on this MS organization should never, ever be taken away. It’s wrong.

– Terry Lamie, Vail

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