Vail Daily letter: Supporting Eagle-Vail bond issue |

Vail Daily letter: Supporting Eagle-Vail bond issue

Louise Funk
Vail, CO, Colorado

I’ve been an Eagle-Vail resident for 27 years, and I can’t think of a better place to live in Eagle County.

Our location between two ski resorts ensures our popularity in the real estate market.

As with any community, we need to invest in our assets and amenities to keep our neighborhoods as places that are safe, attractive and add value to our property and lives.

That’s why I’m supporting 5A on the November ballot, which would allow the Eagle-Vail Metro District to issue approximately $7 million in bonds. The money from these bonds would go toward paying for things the residents of Eagle-Vail have said are important to them: golf course and clubhouse upgrades and maintenance; trails, paths and crosswalks; perhaps burying utility lines to save our wonderful trees along U.S. Highway 6; upgrading neighborhood aesthetics; and other recreational amenities, facility maintenance and capital improvements.

And yes, the money would also be earmarked for the pool facility, but as you can see, this is about more than a pool. It is about investing in our community.

The Metro District and Property Owners Association boards at one time contemplated a special assessment on every residence to raise these needed funds. That assessment would come to about $700 per household. With 5A, the added property tax on an average $500,000 home would only be about $200 per year – only $16 per month.

Remember, too, that property taxes are deductible from state and federal income taxes, so the actual cost to a resident could be even less. We’ve delayed maintenance projects and facility upgrades for far too long in Eagle-Vail. Now is the time to take action, approve this funding source for our community and move Eagle-Vail forward. Now is the time to vote yes on 5A!

Louise Funk


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