Vail Daily letter: The unfairness of it all |

Vail Daily letter: The unfairness of it all

Doreen Somers
Vail, CO, Colorado

As I started to write this letter to the editor several days ago, I was, at first feeling very frustrated, very intense and very passionate about my concerns of yet another year of funding cutbacks for education and the Eagle Country School District from the federal-state levels.

Seeing the headlines of $6.5 million being sliced out of school funding and knowing that all the principals, of all of these school would be spending time, emotion and important school hours on where these “savings” might just have to come out from in a day, week, month, a school year of each of their curriculums.

Yes, I felt strongly about the newspapers needing to reconsider where and when they place the ad next to these disturbing decreased educational dollars next to the Vail Resorts expansion plans, which is probably a very good thing to happen, just not printed next to our dire state and nation wide educational lack of priority for our future generation.

I was also feeling strongly that just the next day, Kelsey Grammars’ house was listed for sale for just under $8 million and felt that he, too, should consider just donating some of the money from that sale, since it is only one of his extra houses, back to our great community of students and teachers and help us keep the valley alive and well in learning!

I am still thinking of writing to Carlos Slim to see if might donate a few wonderful dollars (his net worth being $70 billion strong) and invest in the lives of so many students here in Eagle County.

He must be aware of how many families have left his country and journeyed here for an opportunity in education, health care and employment.

But all of the emotion I write about above, even though I still believe in it, is in a strong holding pattern as I experience and share the sadness of the loss of two special young men these last few weeks.

I watch my children become silent, their hearts heavy, as they read the paper about Eric Spry’s beautiful memorial service on top of Vail Mountain and remember the words, the views from being a part of those moments last night to remember Eric and now once again we are feeling lost, sad, shocked with the tragedy of Todd Walker’s sudden death in such a violent and senseless way.

So, hug your kids, your family, your friends, your teachers and when our hearts ever so slowly start to heal, let’s get back to supporting education ,in all the schools, for all students here in the valley and really be careful on where we make the cutbacks and also really consider where other available dollars and funding are being spent for the long term future and at what value?

Mr. Carlos Slim, I still would very much like to talk with you and show you around our beautiful mountains, and our schools.

Doreen Somers


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