Vail Daily obituary: Destry Sage Stephens-Marner |

Vail Daily obituary: Destry Sage Stephens-Marner

Special to the Daily
Vail, CO Colorado
Special to the DailyDestry Sage Stephens-Marner

Destry Sage Stephens-Marner, 4, of Palisade, died June 9 at Children’s Hospital of Denver.

A celebration of life for Destry Sage will be at 10 a.m. today at Riverbend Park in Palisade.

Please bring chairs or blankets for sitting and a potluck dish to share. In lieu of flowers, bring potted plants. Dress in your most festive and colorful clothes to celebrate the love and joy Destry brought to us for four beautiful years.

Destry Sage was born November 13, 2006, and for four and a half years she has blessed our lives with ebullient grace, prinkle skies, and vast wonderment.

“Destry. With wild hair and piercing eyes. Balance rested in her magic smile. It was impossible not to be struck by the power and unusual energy of her. Almost frightening if it had come from anyone else, but Destry was a petite, quiet little girl with tousled hair and a shy smile. Her gentle, often nearly hidden voice masked the importance of her words. At 4 years old, she perceived the cracks in the universe. The space between what we all know and take for granted.

“Her little, light-sensitive eyes which required an ever-changing stream of cute sunglasses when she was outside seemed also to endow her with unique and powerful vision. For in her soft voice, often no more than the volume of rustling leaves in a gentle breeze, so gentle that if you didn’t lean in a little and block out the noise of a busy household, it was easy to miss what she was saying.

“But if you were really listening, Destry could drop mind-bombs. Short little questions or succinct little comments that could shatter the comfortable, fragile walls we build around our simple perceptions of the world. Ripping holes in our reality to let more light in. Brightening our lives. Helping us to see. For it was us with the dark glasses on, stumbling through life without Destry’s vision to guide us.” (Thank you, Dave Grossman.)

With her lively sense of color, vibrant art and outfits that shamed the rainbows, she never ceased to enthrall and delight her peers at River Canyon Waldorf School. She will be deeply missed by her mother, Erin Stephens-Marner; her father, Joel Marner; her brother, Logan Stephens-Youngblood; and her sister, Matilda Stephens-Marner. She is survived by her grandparents Duna and Jack Stephens of Palisade and Linda and Randy Marner of Gypsum; and aunts, uncles, cousins, and countless friends.

Although her life was brief, she left behind many changed lives and marvelous art and stories.

A memorial fund has been set up in her honor at Rio Grande Federal Credit Union in her name. It will be open for 30 days. Rio Grande Federal Credit Union 760 Rood Avenue Grand Junction, CO 81501-3408, 970-243-7330.

“Celebrate that she was ever here, do not stow-away her smiles, give them up to the sun – to the fields. You would not cry at the flower that wilts for it will return to the benevolent earth.” (Thank you, Derek Stephens.)

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