Vail Daily obituary: Thomas ‘Teep’ Blevins, 1956-2017 |

Vail Daily obituary: Thomas ‘Teep’ Blevins, 1956-2017

Although Teep was indeed a gifted U.S. Marine, deft outdoorsman, skilled craftsman and proud American, all of these were overshadowed by his excellence as a father, husband, son, brother and friend. Teep was a man that would drop everything he was doing, no matter what the situation, and be on his way to help a friend in need. Teep was the friend that you went to with questions that other folks simply didn’t know the answers to.

He had better stories and funnier jokes than everybody else, and everybody knew it. He was forged by a life filled with adventures and experiences. Everything that he knew, he was happy to teach to his friends and family when the need arose.

There was no piece of gear or equipment that was off limits to borrow from Teep. There was no mountain too big or too tall, as long as there might be the chance to do some hunting at the top.

Teep was the kind of man you could meet one time and remember for the rest of your life, and there was simply no better friend. Teep fought his battle with ALS with dignity and strength. Those that were blessed enough to have Teep as a fixture in their lives are aware of the tremendous loss that the community has endured, but also aware of the tremendous group of friends that gathered around Teep.

Thomas, “Teep” Blevins is survived by his wife, Carol, sons, Hunter and Weston, daughter-in-law, Amanda, granddaughter, Penelope, sisters, Belinda Knievel and Susan Blevins, brother-in-law Ron Knievel, several nieces and nephews and countless dear friends.

Condolences may be sent to Teep’s family at P.O. Box 771, Eagle, 81631. In lieu of flowers, his family would prefer that donations be made to the ALS Therapy Development Institute ( Please make a note denoting in Memory of Thomas “Teep” Blevins.

A date for a celebration of Teep’s life will be announced at a later time.


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