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‘Vail elite’ scorns Minturn

Tom Sullivan

It is unfortunate the Don Rogers finds it necessary to distort my words in order to make his case.So let me reiterate my beliefs in as simple a manner as possible, so as not to confuse Don.The town of Minturn is better served if the developer of the Gilman tract chooses to develop through the town by by annexation rather than through the county.If Vail Resorts had been rewarded the Gilman tract, I believe they would have chosen to proceed with the county because of their close ties with the commissioners and the fact that they are neither liked nor trusted by the vast majority of Minturn residents. After all, they nearly bankrupted Minturn and stole the majority of its water a few years ago. If the county is such a good friend and guardian of Minturn, as Mr. Rogers contends, where were they when we needed them most? One good thing about adversity is you find out who your friends are. The only communities to come to Minturn’s defense during the water suit were Gypsum and Red Cliff.Although the sewer district, Vail Resorts and the county would like to befriend Minturn now, their past actions speak much louder than any words they might preach. We have already seen their true colors.Minturn and Red Cliff need to look out for themselves because history has taught us that nobody else in the community will.I strongly believe the majority of Minturn residents, myself included, would like to see Minturn remain the same and the Gilman parcel remain undeveloped. Unfortunately, when the Eagle County Open Space Advisory Committee decided to protect a gravel pit in downtown Edwards at $166,000 per acre instead of protecting the Gilman tract at 6,000 per acre, Minturn’s future was altered.Reality tells us that all privately held land in Eagle County will be developed. When I voted for the open space tax a few years ago, I expected the money raised to be used to protect vast wilderness areas such as the Gilman tract – not a gravel pit in an urban section of the county.The real reason for not protecting the Gilman tract is that Vail’s elite assumed that Vail Resorts was going to end up with the land. If Vail Resorts developed the land and the powers that be continued to profit, it is acceptable, but if an outsider develops and profits, it is not.Don Rogers’ job is to sell newspapers, so he needs to stir up controversy. It is also important to recognize that he is a member of Vail’s elite who has done well by Vail Resorts, and it is in his best interest to protect his assets. This holds true for many of the entrenched old guard who have profited by the current system.If the Ginn project goes forward, remember they have not even applied for annexation, there will hundreds of millions, if not billions, that Vail’s elite will miss out on. Trust me – they are not happy about this. They will continue to lob insults, twist words and generally turn up the heat.I strongly encourage the citizens of Minturn and Red Cliff to get involved, attend council meetings and make your voices heard. It is important that we get what we want and need for our communities, and not let outside influences who have in the past demonstrated no regard for the welfare of Minturn and Red Cliff dictate our future.Tom Sullivan is a Minturn town councilman.

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