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Vail Feng Shui: Rooms have different energies

Karen Petersen
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado –Every area of a house can be viewed separately according to feng shui principles, with some rooms having more importance than others.

Let’s start at the entrance. The main entrance of a home, sometimes referred to as the “chi gate”, is like the main gate of energy. It’s where energy enters and exits a home.

The positioning of an entrance is very important to the occupants of a home as it can determine fortune or misfortune of those who live there. It’s necessary to have an accurate compass reading done by a certified feng shui practitioner to determine this.

However, any one could add a water feature near their front door, either on the outside or the inside, to activate the chi that is coming in. Be sure the water feature is directed toward the entry and not facing away. Many people enter their homes through their garage door or a side door and should make sure that they open their front door at least once a day to allow the energy to enter.

The kitchen is another room that moves a lot of energy, depending on how much it is used. The oven is called the “chi mouth.” It is best to have the oven open toward an area of the home that receives a lot of activity, like a dining area, living room or family room. It is also therefore advisable to use your oven on a regular basis to activate the chi.

Bedrooms are the next area where chi is moved. Bedrooms should be created as sacred spaces where a person can regenerate, whether the room is for an adult or a child. We spend roughly one third of our lives in our bedrooms, so maintaining a balance of serenity in this area is essential.

Use subdued colors like, pale blue, sage green, lavender or any other color that feels calming. Keep clutter to a minimum. Do not put photographs of friends and family in your bedroom. Instead, place photos of friends and family in shared living areas, photos of you and your mate in your bedroom, and photos of the children in their rooms. The idea is to create a sanctuary that is exclusively yours and separate from energies that pull you in so many directions.

Bathrooms are a place where a lot of water leaves through plumbing, which is not the same as when an aquarium or water fountain recirculates water in the same area. Bathrooms should not be in the center of the house or one of the first rooms you see when you enter a home. If it is, then you should keep the doors and toilet lids closed to prevent active energy and resources going down the toilet.

Stairs should not be aligned directly with a heavily used entrance because that will cause energy to rush out the door. If this is the case in your home, then change the flooring material from the stairs to the front door. For instance, if you have carpeting going from the front door, and all the way up the staircase, break the flow by changing the foyer flooring to tile or hardwood, or put a red runner to slow the energy down.

It is less important if the flooring is wood, tile or carpet, than the color of the flooring. The color will change the energy of a room, whether it is on the walls, on the floor or in the furnishings. A feng shui consultation can help you determine the correct colors to use in balancing rooms.

Karen Petersen is a certified practitioner in the classical form of ancient Chinese feng shui. She is the owner of Black Diamond Realty and offers her services in both Denver and Vail. She can be reached at 970-476-4414 or by e-mail at