Vail pets: Training will teach puppies to please |

Vail pets: Training will teach puppies to please

Nadine Lober
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado – Puppies in Colorado’s Vail Valley have a lot of energy and love to play, but no matter the breed or size of the dog, discipline is a must.

A dog, as a child, should respect you and learn to listen to your commands. You have to start somewhere, so after your puppy has gotten used to your home (eats well and roams about), it is time to start the training.

First of all, a crate is an essential. Your pet will learn (some sooner than others), that the crate is his little area to sleep in and to be in when no one is home. This will help potty train and will give him an area to be his own domain.

While potty training your pet, it is imperative that you never leave him alone while in the house. If you need to leave for a short time then put your puppy in the crate. Most dogs learn not to use the crate as a bathroom.

Remember that praise is the best reward for good behaviors like urinating outdoors and coming on command. As a treat, you can either use his kibble or get some puppy treats. Again, look at the ingredients and try to use some good food.

More important training occurs while your puppy is teething. Most puppies enjoy chewing on anything. It can be challenging to puppy proof a house, so the best way is to prevent accidents (like chewing your favorite shoes), would be to always watch your dog while he has free roam of the house. Catching your puppy in the act and reprimanding him – making a loud noise, yelling “no” – will help eliminate that behavior quickly.

Also, do not let him bite or nibble on your hands. Giving him something he is allowed to chew on is a good idea. Jumping on furniture also should be prevented unless there is a special sofa for the dog.

Jumping on people should be stopped, usually by kneeing your pet in his chest as he jumps on you. If your puppy has muddy paws and jumps on someone besides you, even if it is a friendly gesture, it might not be appreciated.

Taking at least two, 10-minute sessions a day, or more, to train your pet will accelerate learning. The sessions may include: teaching him commands to come, sit, stay, shake and others. Puppies’ attention spans are short so limit the sessions to no more than 10 minutes initially.

Remember that consistency is the key. So all members of the family should train and treat your pet the same. Your children should not let your pet get away with biting or any other ill-mannered behavior.

Dog obedience classes are a great way to help train your pet and socialize him to other dogs. You and your pet will learn a great deal in these classes and it will help you bond with your new companion.

Some of in the valley wonder about invisible fences. Are they cruel to our pets? You must remember that with out these fences, our pets may wonder and get run over by cars.

Others think that bark collars are cruel. Well, debarking dogs is cruel, not the collars. And if your dog barks too much then you need to correct that behavior.

A well behaved dog is appreciated by all. Believe it or not, your puppy will learn to want to please you. They want you to be happy and they seek reward most of the time.

Veterinarian Dr. Nadine Lober can be reached at 970-949-7972

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