Vail society column: Red Sky Ranch hosts Vail Valley Lacrosse Club |

Vail society column: Red Sky Ranch hosts Vail Valley Lacrosse Club

Vail Valley Lacrosse Club parents Carol Pattison and Anne Brown, U12 Elite team coach Connor O'Brien and VVLC's Athletic Director Chris Bivona were out to celebrate all things lacrosse at Red Sky Ranch Guest Clubhouse.
Betty Ann Woodland | Special to the Daily |

On May 16 at the Red Sky Ranch Guest Clubhouse, a group of dedicated parents and coaches came out to support the Vail Valley Lacrosse Club. President of the VVLC John Cole has worked hard to grow the club from 60 players two years ago to 340 players this year. His wife, Nancy, has organized the Vail Valley Lacrosse Club fundraiser for the past three years. This year, she required some help as she recently had knee surgery.

“Michelle and Eric Belyea have been amazing. They did an awesome job in helping run the Vail lacrosse tournament and have been great to work with,” Nancy Cole said.

As with many sports, the VVLC relies heavily on great volunteer coaches. The VVLC is now in a position to pay a few coaches.

“The U12-15 aged VVLC players have hired coaches who have played collegiate lacrosse. It has been incredible to see the improvement in the teams and their level of skills as they progressed through the years,” Cole said, referring to watching the older players who recently played well in Denver.

Back at the Red Sky Ranch Clubhouse the festivities included a beer tasting, tasty appetizers, mingling and, of course, generosity for the Vail Valley Lacrosse Club. Special thanks went out to John Blizzard of Mountain Beverage Company and all of the sponsors, auction donors, parents and volunteers.

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