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Vail Trail’s Pages from the Past

Compiled by Lauren Glendenning
Vail CO, Colorado
Over five hundred people watched the local crazies as they jumped off cliffs at the annual pary on the First Step cliffs before St. Patrick's Day in 1979. The ski group Ravinos had sole credit for organizing the event and here, senior Ravino Jeff Van Tassel, delighted the crowd with a simple side-kick.

The Bank of Vail grew faster than any other bank in the Rocky Mountain region in 1968, with a 323 percent deposit increase from the year before. The bank was compared to other banks in Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and Utah.

Eagle County came in second in the state for business growth, which was based on sales tax revenue increases. Eagle County brought in 49.2 percent more revenue in the fourth quarter than the same period the previous year.

Vail ski instructors defeated the Vail Ski Patrol in a game of ski baseball.

The Vail Associates board of directors agreed to finance and build the housing portion of a Lionshead parking and housing project. The project would still need voter approval in April.

The Vail bus system, while recognized nationally as a successful experiment for such a small town, was putting a financial strain on the town already. The budget for 16-bus system was up $100,000 from the previous year, making it $390,000 to operate ” nearly 8 percent of the town’s entire $5 million budget.

An Aspen Lane four-bedroom, three-bathroom home with views was on the market for $275,000.

A fuel leak that spilled about 150 gallons of diesel in Beaver Creek last week did not appear to reach the Eagle River after a sampling was collected where the mouth of Beaver Creek reaches the river. A broken fuel pump was blamed for the leak.

The nine-year-old Beaver Creek Ski Resort was looking at ways to get skiers from the parking lots to the slopes more quickly and conveniently. The bus system was originally supposed to be somewhat temporary, until the resort got on its feet. Vail Associates officials said the reason the company hadn’t pursued a gondola or monorail or some other mode was because every option was just too expensive.

Margaret “Margie” MacRossie, a 26-year-old Beano’s Cabin employee, died after falling into a ravine into Beaver Creek. MacRossie was skiing down the mountain with friends in the early morning hours under a full moon-lit sky.

Vail Resorts filed a lawsuit against Stuart Weiss, the man who registered the Internet domain names and in 1993 when the Internet began accepting commercial traffic. The lawsuit claimed that Weiss infringed upon Vail’s trademarks and “diluted the value of Vail’s exclusive rights to its marks, and created a likelihood of severe injury to Vail’s business reputation.”

The Avon Town Council showed support for creating a valley-wide marketing district that would promote offseason advertising. The council agreed the district would benefit the entire valley.

Vail Resorts stock price hit an all-time low last week when news of disappointing second quarter earnings caused more than 238,000 shares to change hands. Stocks hit the all-time low price of $15 a share.

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