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Wanted man accepts ride with the cops

Daily Staff Report

GYPSUM – A man coming home from the bar was approached by Eagle County officers as he stumbled toward the intersection of Valley Road and Highway 6.The man said he was coming home from the bar, and accepted a ride home from the police. When the officer ran the man’s information through dispatch, a warrant came up for him in Alamosa County.When deputies searched the man, they found a small baggy containing a green, leafy substance, which tested positive for marijuana. The man was charged for possession of less than one ounce of marijuana, and was also apprehended on a failure to comply warrant.’It’s my hood’A Cordillera woman, driving under the influence of alcohol, prompted a call to the Eagle County police. Cordillera Security personnel led the responding officer to a residential intersection where they found a Chevy SUV parked atop a snowbank. When they tracked down the driver, who had left the car and returned home, she seemed very intoxicated. She was unable to perform roadside field sobriety maneuvers, and was told she was under arrest. The woman responded by saying, “No, I’m not.” She also refused to get into the patrol car, and wanted to know what she was being arrested for. When advised that the arrest was for suspicion of DUI resulting in an accident, the woman replied, “So I had some drinks, and crashed in my own neighborhood. What’s the big deal?”Asleep at the wheelCounty deputies assisted the State Patrol in dealing with a man who passed out at the wheel in the Gypsum roundabout.Vehicle tracks indicated the man had been driving along the bike path adjacent to Highway 6, crossed the grass divider between the path and the road, crossed over Highway 6, and came to a rest in a ditch on the north side of the road.The driver, who appeared confused and smelled of alcohol, said he was on his way from Denver to Grand Junction, and had pulled over to rest. He denied driving on the path, and said he was sober.A search of the man’s vehicle turned up two open bottles of alcohol. He was placed under arrest.Angry with AMEXA Gypsum man made death threats over the phone to an American Express branch in Utah when he was not immediately approved for his card.The calls were reported to local authorities by a company security specialist. AMEX officials said the suspect made multiple calls over a span of three days threatening to kill people working for American Express as well as the operator who handled the calls. Initially, the man said he would shoot his victims through the phone. Then he said he would bomb the office.Eagle County detectives informed American Express security that the calls only constitute misdemeanor harassment in Eagle County.Since the threats took place across state borders, the credit card company decided to take their case to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.Vail, Colorado

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