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We can trust Hasan

My name is Sandy Skiles. My husband, Earl and I live in Burns in Eagle County. We are strong supporters of Ali Hasan for House District 56.

Earl and I first met Ali about two years ago and were blown away by this energetic man who cared so much for his family, his friends and above all else, his country.

During this campaign, we have watched Ali as a candidate and found him to be concerned about all of the residents in Eagle, Lake and Summit counties.

He listens when you talk to him about your life and the effect of government decisions, both bad and good, have had on you personally.

He listens to your concerns with the direction government seems to be taking.

He listens to your dreams and desires for the future of our communities and our state.

Ali has the experience working as a teacher, environmental scientist, and film director. This gives him the ability to look at our schools and improve them. He will know how to make environmental decisions that are scientifically based. And with his time both in front and behind the camera, he can look at the issues objectively to make sound decisions.

Earl and I want to know that we have a voice in our state government. We want to know that we have a person we can trust and call on with our concerns and issues. We want to know the person elected for House District 56 truly represents us and the unique issues facing our communities. We believe the best person for the job is Ali Hasan.

Ali is a fresh face with fresh ideas and the energy to get things done.

Go Ali!

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