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Wes Yoakam back in Vail for his last string of shows

Caramie Schnell
VAIL CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

For singer Wes Yoakam, a longstanding tradition is coming to an end this spring. For the past eight years, Yoakam has been traveling from his home in Atlanta to Vail to sing at The Club on Bridge Street.

“I think this will be the end of my regular appearances in Vail,” Yoakam said. “Never say never, but for now I really want to focus on producing and co-writing with other artists out of my studio in Atlanta. I’ve had an incredible eight years here. Thanks to all of my friends and fans that have been a big part of my life.”

“Wes has been a staple in our entertainment core for the entire 8-and-a-half year tenure of our ownership,” said Patrick O’Neill, co-owner of The Club. “During that time, he has established himself as one of the premiere entertainers to perform locally and really personifies what The Club is all about. His high energy mix of rock and roll is sure to have you drinking and dancing.”

Yoakam, who manages a group of radio stations north of Mobile, Alabama, is in town now, performing tonight and Saturday night, as well as four evenings next week.

1. VD: What’s your favorite part of performing at The Club?

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WY: Nothing’s better than a big weekend night where everyone’s really jumping and singing along to some good songs. Also, the group of friends and employees that work/hang out at the Club really feel like extended family so it’s more than just another gig.

2. VD: You only perform about three months out of the year now. Do you miss being a full-time musician?

WY: I still play shows throughout the year around the country and world but I will miss my extended trips to Vail.

3. Whenever you get back to Vail, what are your must-see, must-do, must-eat things?

WY: In the summer I always go to Piney Lake. I try always to eat at Russell’s at least once per trip.

4. VD: What’s your favorite song to sing live?

WY: It always changes although “Won’t Get Fooled Again” by The Who always goes over big!

5. VD: How did your concert in February with the Dallas Symphony go?

WY: The (Jean Paul) Gautier concert in Dallas recently was fantastic. About once or twice a year I perform with a group of classically trained opera singers and musicians. The Dallas show was done in conjunction with the international tour, and we picked musical pieces from the last 150 years that were related to pieces in the exhibit. The music is always very challenging and the end result of these concerts is a multimedia performance including visual, spoken word pieces, and of course, music from different eras. This group has performed in China, Singapore, Atlanta, Dallas, Maine and many more.

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