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What’s that rumpus?

Cassie Pence
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EDWARDS ” The dictionary describes a “rumpus” as an uproar or commotion. In the ’70s, people used the term “rumpus room” to describe a place where one gathers with friends for noisy and jovial activites. Rappers use the word “rump” to describe the body part that shakes when the beat hits in all the right places.

A new live music bar in Edwards, The Rumpus Room takes on a little of all those meanings.

Sterling Bradbrook and Bill Woodruff, who are also part owners of the Ski Bar in Vail Village, opened the place a couple of weeks ago in the old Tavolaccio space. They had been looking for about five years for the right location. Who they’re marketing to, Bradbrook said, is the locals, and their entertainment focus, he added, is live music in a relaxing setting.

“It’s a speakeasy kind of thing,” Bradbrook said. “Locals know about it, locals talk about it and the tourists will come.”

In the main room, they’ve added a stage and installed special LED lights that change to every color of the rainbow. From the ceiling, they’ve hung bass-pumping woofers, giving the required soundproofing work a run for its money. So far, The Rumpus Room has hosted Chicago-based Liquid Soul, New Orleans pianist Henry Butler, among other local bands, and in the near future, the stage will see Glove Trucker, Soul Feel, Oteill and the Peacemakers and reggae band Cool Runnings.

“Most people just get to walk home,” Sunny Davis said, who helped with some of the opening details, like picking out the sleek, loungey red and black furniture in the main room. “8150 is not going to be around much longer, and we’re going to need a place to see live music.”

A state-of-the-art sound board hugs the back corner of the big room, where, when a live band isn’t on stage, a DJ mans two turntables and a spinner for vinyl. This is also where regular guests can plug in their iPods on off-music nights to hear their favorite tunes, and Bradbook said the room has heard everything from Miles Davis to rap.

“It’s a friendly neighborhood bar where people can come and relax and feel comfortable,” Bradbrook said.

In a second smaller room, there are several pool tables set up and video games, as well as a second bar with 17 taps. The Rumpus Room has a total of 34 taps. This adjacent room has more of a sports-bar theme, although both sides boast flat screens with DirectTV to watch the games. Bradbrook hopes sports lovers will take advantage.

“We got a tailgating permit to barbecue outside in the parking lot before games,” Bradbrook said. “So if you really love your team you can drive on down with a flag on your truck.”

Some other bar features include Stream Karaoke, an online service that basically allows singers to punch in any artist and song and it pulls up the music and streaming lyrics.

“It’s the best karaoke you can get,” Bradbrook said.

Although the bar’s focus isn’t on food, it does offer bar standards like chicken wings and signature pizzas baked in a wood oven, a leftover amenity from Tavolaccio.

Even though the bar has only been open a couple weeks, it already has attracted some regulars, mostly Edwards restaurant workers who want to have a drink after their shift finishes.

“I love The Rumpus Room,” Cesar Ortiz, a bartender at the Gashouse, said. “It’s just locals; that’s what is so good about it.”


Glove Trucker.

Sunday Karaoke.

Wednesday Moshav Band, Israeli folk rock. Tickets are $6 in advance

and $8

at the door.

Aug. 31 Soulfeel.

Sept. 11 Charlie Walker and the Dynamites, deep and

old-school funk. $6.

Sept. 15

Rebirth Brass Band. $12

in advance. $15 at

the door.

Sept. 16

Blu Sirkut featuring members

of Karl Denson’s




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