Workshop connects images, words |

Workshop connects images, words

Caitlin Row
Vail, CO, Colorado
Summit Daily/Mark Fox

BRECKENRIDGE ” Colorful art samples decorate the clean, white walls of the Tin Shop’s downstairs studio. It’s Friday afternoon (Aug. 10) and the front doors to the studio are propped open, letting light, air and sidewalk gazers inside. Leonard Leone and Millie Falcaro, visiting resident artists, welcome their guests, eager to discuss not only their own creative works and backgrounds, but also the lives and interests of their visitors.

Leone and Falcaro will hold open studio hours at the Tin Shop on Wednesdays through Sundays, through Aug. 23 from noon to 5 p.m. They are presenting two free artist workshops, one focused on landscape painting and one on photography.

Leone’s workshop, “Painting Techniques: The Wash-In,” was held on Saturday, Aug. 11. He taught his students the master technique of “washing,” a full-bodied, monochrome under-painting.

“The washing technique can be used to solve the problems of drawing values and edges,” Leone said. “Whenever the paint dries, you just worry about color.”

Falcaro’s workshop, “The Visual Diary,” will be held today from 1-4 p.m.

In this workshop, she would like her students to discover the connection between images and words.

“Images can be made so quickly now,” Falcaro said. “I’d like to slow the participants down so that they can see the image’s significance to them and to the viewer.”

Falcaro will use free writing exercises to release hidden meanings behind the photographs. She asks that workshop participants bring 12 related, original photographs that have a positive connotation to the creator. Participants should also bring found photographs, some that are similar to their own work and some that are different.

Her workshop is limited to six participants and those interested must sign up for a place within her class. Students may sign up on the same day of the workshop.

Leone and Falcaro were both born and raised in New York, N.Y. They have been professional artists for approximately 20 years, although they say that they’ve both been artistic their whole lives. Leone is a landscape and portrait painter; Falcaro is a photographer. Married and residing in Manhattan, they have exhibited works in their home state, as well as other areas of the country and Europe.

Before dedicating his life full time to art in 1992, Leone worked in advertising and book publishing. Through a 10-year study at the Art Students League of New York, he’s become a trained figure and portrait painter who has always liked the landscape.

“I am more interested in conveying how I feel about a subject rather than how much I know about it,” said Leone. “My methods are limited to one painting session at a particular location while the light is at its optimum angle. The canvas may then be completed during an additional, brief session.”

Though he does work both in the field and the studio, Leone said, “You’re better off learning from life, so that you can anticipate the ambiguous values in photographs.”

Falcaro currently teaches at Marymount Manhattan College. At one point in her career, she had her own design business, Falcaro and Tiegreen. She has also worked in book publishing and as a photo stylist for commercials and print.

Falcaro’s artistic focus began in photo-based printmaking. Photography became a natural extension of printmaking. She subsequently earned a masters degree in photography from the University of Hartford in Connecticut.

Though her current study focuses on nature, she also has bodies of work featuring sea life and aquatics, as well as the physical body. In addition, she has interest in integrating creative writing with her artistic studies.

“My image making practice is a direct method via the camera-less technique of the photogram,” said Falcaro. “I incorporate qualities of painting and drawing and the work reflects themes of abstracted nature.”

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