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Wrong about Obama?

Sarah Ray
Vail, CO, Colorado

I voted for Barack Obama. I was certain nobody could be more damaging to the United States then George Bush. I fear I was wrong.

In President Obama’s recent message and in the budget he is presenting to Congress and in the already passed ” though never read ” stimulus bill, there is so much to be concerned about as citizens of the USA, we should all be engaged and seeking as much information as possible to understand just what he is doing to our country.

In particular, I urge each of you to consider these recent items:

1. Last week, the president adamantly noted he would never allow a bill to be passed with earmarks. This “translucent” government we’ve been promised proceeded, the very next day, to pass legislation with more than 8,000 earmarks in it.

2. In his presented budget, one in which he concentrates efforts on education and health, he has also proposed the elimination of tax deductibility to charitable organizations from those with incomes more than $250,000. So when the hoards of nonprofits go out of business because the majority of gifts come from those in that tax bracket, when all of those people working in the nonprofit sector lose their jobs, when the good work they do in securing private funds to assist in educational pursuits, adding wings and equipment to hospitals, providing food for the poor … who now does that needed work? The taxpayer through greater taxes down the road?

America is great because we believe in ourselves. We depend on ourselves, and we step up to the plate over and over to right wrongs. In the America that President Obama is creating, those values no longer hold merit. Government will take care of us. Do you believe in government’s ability to solve the problems of our country? Please ” voice your concerns to our elected officials. Don’t be content to listen to the nightly news and believe all is fine. Research what is being proposed, and if you, as I do, find the steps the president is taking as frightening for our future, voice your fears and thoughts to your congressman, your senators and your president. As he states over and over, he works for us. I promise you, what he is doing now does not represent what I believe in. I hope it does not represent what you believe in, either.

Sarah Ray

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