Access Unbound program empowers independence for those with disabilities (letter) |

Access Unbound program empowers independence for those with disabilities (letter)

A special thank you to Access Unbound for inviting Doug and me to their kickoff holiday party, which was heartwarming and educational. Kitty and Ray’s hospitality was greatly appreciated!

Vail and Beaver Creek Resorts are fortunate to have Access Unbound, an organization that connects people with disabilities to world-class recreation and learning. Access Unbound’s mission is to empower independence. It is the only organization in Eagle County to support a diverse range of people with disabilities, regardless of age, disability type and background. Access Unbound provides scholarship support to individuals needing financial assistance to make the mountain experience possible through lessons taught by trained professional instructors.

Access Unbound changes lives. My great nephew, 6-year-old Ethan McGee, from Topeka, Kansas, is a recipient of Access Unbound’s scholarship program. Ethan had a stroke in utero, thus the right side of his body is affected, as well as receiving treatments for seizures.

Ethan goes to physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy weekly. Emily and Chris, Ethan’s parents, always dreamed of having family ski trips. With the huge cost of Ethan’s therapies, the cost of Ethan taking adaptive ski lessons is cost prohibitive. Access Unbound’s scholarship for Ethan allowed their dream of Ethan skiing down Beaver Creek Mountain to become a reality.

It is my hope that the Vail community will continue to support this wonderful organization, financially as well as spiritually. By supporting this organization, other families in need may have the same life-changing experience that Ethan and his family had with the Adaptive Ski Program on Beaver Creek Mountain.

Jenny Hejtmanek


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