Armijo: What do you have to lose? |

Armijo: What do you have to lose?

Prior to this pandemic, many of us were so busy we forgot to stay connected to ourselves. Some people deliberately kept themselves busy so they would not have to acknowledge who they really are or what they really wanted in life.

There were people with children in so many activities that their days would start by dropping their child off at their activities early in the morning and then not see them again until late at night. This would be followed by a quick dinner, homework, and bedtime. This is not a healthy way to live.

This pandemic has forced us to slow down. We have been reintroduced to our loved ones again and had the opportunity to connect with them on a whole other level. This time has allowed us to reflect on our lives and, hopefully, make the adjustments necessary to achieve what we actually want in this life.

We have been conditioned from birth to believe in what our society tells us, but what if this was wrong? What if our lives are not meant to be lived at such a fast pace? Siddhartha Guatama (aka Buddha) lived in a similar time. He grew up in a palace surrounded by wealth and opulence and endless entertainment. However, he did not find peace and enlightenment until he let go of these things and spent time understanding himself.

We have effectively been forced to let go of the things we once knew and reflect on ourselves. When our lives are allowed to slow, we are able to accomplish much more in terms of self-satisfaction and fulfillment. Our mind is able to focus on one thing at a time and not be used in a subpar manner by consistently multitasking all our daily activities. True focus allows us the ability to create, to design, and to implement better things into our lives.

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Focus is only achieved by slowing the mind. This is why almost every successful person on this planet engages in a type of meditation. Meditation can be accomplished in many ways.

For some, meditation can be a rejuvenating walk in the woods allowing the sights, smells, and sounds of nature to permeate their mind. For others, their favorite yoga class allows them to leave their worries at the door and focus solely on the movements. There are the few who just want to sit under a tree and detach from the world for a bit with rhythmic breath and heavy eyelids.

We have all been conditioned to “do” in our society. Those that are not “doing” are often seen as waste in our society. In contrast, monks in Tibet and around the world are revered for their ability to calm their mind and access it in ways most of us can never imagine. The amazing thing is each and every one of us has the capability to make magic in our own lives but we often quit before we even attempt to do so.

Is there something in your life that you would like to improve upon or change? Maybe you have always wanted to create your own business. Maybe you wanted to obtain a new certification or degree. Maybe you are dreaming of a fulfilling relationship or writing that book about your passion. What is the obstacle that is holding you back from doing these things? For most of the population, it has to do with the programming they have received.

Many of us know that person in their lives who have told us our ideas are not feasible. Those people are usually projecting their own insecurities when they tell us these things and may believe they have your best interest in mind. The truth is that just about anything can be accomplished with the right mindset.

Before the Wright brothers flew, there were many naysayers that said it was impossible. When Jack Dorsey first conceived of Twitter, people did not “get” the idea and told him nobody would want to be limited to only 140 characters on their social media posting. When Oprah began her career she had to overcome not only the challenge of being a person of color but also the fact that she was a woman in a male-dominated industry. When Richard Branson found success with his company, Virgin, he had failed multiple times and people “saw him as the dumbest guy in school.”

The thing all of these successful people have in common is their adherence to calming their minds through meditation. The ability to slow their mind has allowed them to achieve their goals, find prosperity, and live a life many will only dream of. Their success was not easy, it took time, heartache, and struggle … but their mind was calm and held firm to their expected outcomes.

Change does not happen overnight, but it can happen quickly with the correct mindset. We can learn from the mistakes others have made in the past and save ourselves. Embrace the current slowdown. Now is the time to put yourself first. Now is the time to begin putting together your new business. Now is the time to seek out that new relationship. Now is the time to create a healthier family routine — because what do you have to lose?

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