Armijo: When nothing is certain, anything is possible |

Armijo: When nothing is certain, anything is possible

We are living in a time of uncertainty which has left many people feeling hopeless and afraid. There is uncertainty about jobs, housing, putting food on the table, and on and on. Uncertainty for our community resides around the return of the tourism industry, which is the lifeblood of our community. We often view uncertainty as something to fear and avoid in favor of that which is familiar and comfortable to us.

Uncertainty can and should be viewed as an opportunity. When we do not have a plan laid out before us we are free to create one. Freedom is the ability to forge our own path on our own terms … and right now we are afforded that freedom.

For many people, life challenges have been geared around uncertainty which has caused them to take a negative view of it. However, many of the greatest discoveries, inventions, and leaders have been born of uncertainty. Uncertainty is the catalyst for many great things in this world.

Every great explorer had to leave comfort their zones to achieve their discoveries. Every religious figure had to leave their comfort zone to teach their lessons. Just about every great inventor and entrepreneur had to leave their comfort zones to find success. When we are forced from our comfort zones, we can choose to cower in fear until someone can get us back to comfort or we can choose to create a new comfort zone based on living an even better and more fulfilling life.

Some of the largest businesses of our time were created during recessions, which are incredible times of uncertainty. Companies such as General Electric (1892), Disney (1929), General Motors (1908), IBM (1911), Hyatt (1957), HP (1939), and many more were conceived during recessions and Great Depression. The fact that these companies are still successful to this day is a testament to the foundation they created and their ability to adapt to uncertainty.

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There is a cycle to everything in this universe and we are seeing it play out before our eyes. We may see a dramatic shift in governments and the way our elected officials lead. We may see a lot of businesses close their doors for good. We may see a lot of changes that can be (and will be) perceived as negative by many people. In addition, we will see a lot of new and beneficial discoveries, ideas, and businesses emerge as the others fade away.

As many people perceive these uncertainties to be negative and indicative of the current state of the world, they will find hopelessness and lack in response. However, there will be some people who see opportunity through all of this uncertainty. These people will find success where others only perceive failure because they chose to do so.

Everything we have in our life is a result of our perception of it. It is always our choice to perceive something in a particular manner. For example, some people always perceive themselves to be victims and therefore the world is difficult and unfair to them. Others will choose to see the world as being abundant of opportunity, joy, and happiness and, therefore, their world will reflect all those good things.

Yes, there will always be challenges and uncertainty in this life, but it is up to us as to how we will approach them. If we approach them with a negative mindset we will receive negative results and life will seem very difficult. If we approach them with a positive mindset we will receive positive results, and challenges will not seem so daunting. Our perception of the world around us dictates whether or not we will find opportunity in uncertainty.

Ask yourself how you are perceiving this time. Are you looking for an opportunity to create a better life right now or are you waiting for things to go back to where they were? If you are hoping things return back to where they were before this pandemic, you may be severely disappointed. It will require a change of perception of the world around you if you want to find success in the midst of uncertainty.

Begin by monitoring your thoughts and what you are letting influence them. Are you watching too much media and internalizing the negative messaging or are you focused on internal, or spiritual growth and realizing the power you hold in your life? Limit the amount of negative messaging around you and focus only on the positives in your life. Over time, the positives in your life will outweigh the negatives and you will begin to see all the possibilities within the uncertainties of life.

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