Carnes: Priorities changing with the wind |

Carnes: Priorities changing with the wind

It has been the biggest planet-wide ordeal for almost six months, yet was seemingly replaced overnight as the No. 1 concern for all human beings in less than a week. For the record, this includes us here in Happy Valley as well (most of us, anyway).

Racism has been, is, and sadly, to some degree, always will be part of our human mindset, and we’re certainly not immune to it, no matter how high we are in the Rockies.

But in a weird way (not better, just weird) the change of headlines in the national media, from COVID-19 and quarantine concerns 24/7 to worldwide protests over racism and police brutality, has been somewhat welcome?

I say that in the form of a question because, of course, no one wanted racism and police brutality to take center stage (again), but all are sick and tired of being sick and tired over anything and everything to do with the damn virus.

And right now, our narrow little valley is stuck in the ultimate Catch-22 with hundreds congregating for peaceful protests, tightly arm in arm (as long as they wear masks!), but restaurants can still only have 50% capacity?

Once again, I say in the form of a question, as local leaders, along with those at the state level, are stuck between the proverbial rock and a hypocritical hard place.

Strength in seclusion has now become strength in numbers, as we are allowed 300 in a protest, but can’t have more than 50 at a concert?

Quite the tricky sales pitch to lure guests to the mountains, so … um, good luck with that.

Anyway, I’ve been in a number of restaurants over the last week, and each visit found more and more people, but fewer and fewer bothering with masks. Vail Brewing Company had a nice crowd one afternoon, as well as Bonfire Brewery down in Eagle and the Gore Range Brewery in Edwards.

Sure, perhaps you are noticing a trend here, but stop missing the point. The excitement of reopening, albeit in limited baby steps, has gone from barely crawling to an all-out sprint in a matter of days. Regardless of the latest round of infection rates, I have a strong suspicion the quarantine gate is closed, with very little chance of ever being opened again.

I could be wrong, of course, as my wife continues to remind me once a week or so for various reasons, but I just don’t see it happening.

Meanwhile, at the national level, we have the Child-in-Chief inspecting bunkers while sucking up to gullible evangelicals and condemning NFL quarterbacks for having the nerve to understand the significance of kneeling as a peaceful form of protest.

And I would be remiss not to mention his proud claim of how happy deceased George Floyd must be during his press conference on a positive jobs report while the White House is now surrounded by almost two miles of fencing to prove how much he is loved by all his little sycophant followers.

I now look forward to the usual suspects commenting online because I dared to mention the child, but as usual, they will neglect to even attempt to defend said child, instead choosing to repeat their tired babble attacking the messenger.

Either way, while protests appear to be continuing around the globe, rioters and looters seem about finished rioting and looting, so perhaps we can continue slowly returning to whatever the new normal is going to be.

Should be interesting.

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