Vail Daily column: Were we better than that? |

Vail Daily column: Were we better than that?

So a couple of weeks ago the column I wrote was titled, “We Are Better Than That.” The concept was that regardless of the position in which we find ourselves, we can rise to the occasion and be better than whatever circumstance we face. We can act better than some of the people who try to drag us down and we can provide love, forgiveness and grace when others cannot. And we do so because we are better than that.

Well have we been? Were we better than that through the past few weeks?

Accountability can be a tough word. It’s one thing to hold others accountable for being better than that, but have we been able to hold ourselves to the same standard? You see, most of us want to be judged by our intentions, yet we judge others by their actions.

We may have intended to behave better or offer that love, forgiveness or grace but we found ourselves caught up again in the rush of life and our very best intentions gave way to our very worst of frustrations.

Think back through these past few weeks. Were there situations where you could have been better? Or were there events, meetings or conversations in which you stood your ground, rising above the situation and where you look back now and proudly say, “I really was better than that.”

None of us is perfect, and we are living in a world of fear, uncertainty and doubt which sometimes can amplify our imperfections. And many of us get a lot of practice at being imperfect, we get many at-bats or chances to learn and grow during our moments of fear, doubt and frustration. And then that word “accountability” shows up again. And I am talking about personal accountability, not just holding those around us accountable.

Now as you think back again through these past few weeks or days, and whether you truly were better than that or you still have room to grow, also think about each situation or communication exchange and ask yourself these three questions; What could I have done differently? What could have I said differently? And what did I do that I am proud of and hope that I can repeat again if ever in the same situation?

Again, the title of this week’s column is “Were we better than that?” The only way that each of us can honestly answer that question is by reflecting on what has been happening in our own lives, and regardless if it was something good or if has been a challenge lately, look in the mirror and simply ask ourselves if indeed, “Were we better than that?”

How about you, were you intending to be better than that? Or were you better than that? Either way, I would love to hear all about it at and when we hold ourselves accountable for our own actions and not just our intentions, it really will be a better than good week.

Michael Norton is a strategic consultant, business and personal coach and motivational speaker. He writes a weekly motivational column for the Vail Daily.

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